Banos Ecuador Church

The Banos Ecuador church is La Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Agua Santa. Travelers are attracted to the city of Banos for the volcanic hot springs and proximity to a variety of outdoor activities, but if hiking and mountain biking are what brought you to this region, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore local attractions.

The most popular building in the city is the basilica. Located in the central plaza of the city, people come to the Banos Ecuador Basilica to see a beautiful collection of murals on the inside of the church. Many people think that the simple structure appears even more beautiful as a result of its surroundings of mountains and waterfalls. This semi-gothic church is an important place of pilgrimage for local Catholics, who come to worship Our Lady of the Holy Water. People who arrive every October to pay homage are said to be looking for spiritual peace.

Beyond the Banos Ecuador church there are many activities that will keep visitors busy including bike riding, hiking across the San Francisco bridge, and the thermal baths. If you take the time during your adventurous tour to visit this landmark, you will learn a great deal about the local culture. For example, this building has been used as a place of shelter when the nearby volcano has erupted; as the Banos Ecuador basilica is regarded as a safe place.

Once inside the church, you will see the famous murals on the walls. These images depict miracles that can be attributed to Our Lady of the Holy Water. The church is open from 9 am to 7 pm every day and is free to enter. To add an educational aspect to your trip to Banos, be sure to stop in and see the local church.

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