Banos Ecuador Bike Riding

Banos Ecuador bike riding is a great way to spend the day before slipping into the thermal hot springs. Adventure enthusiasts will have heard of Banos as a place to indulge in outdoor activities, and it is almost impossible to avoid the popular local pastime of biking, and you are sure to pass countless rental shops. The dramatic scenery that Ecuador has become known for worldwide, including volcanoes, waterfalls, and lush fields are all fantastic sights from the seat of a bike.

Unlike some tours in Ecuador that require a guide, such as canoeing or white water rafting, independent bike tours are a possibility here. Get a good map from your hotel or bike rental shop, and hit the road. Remember to bring essentials such as bottled water, rain gear, sunscreen, and bug spray. With these items along for the ride, nothing can disturb your scenic tour.

One popular bike ride is to the village of Rio Verde. From Banos, it is possible to reach Rio Verde in approximately two hours. During your cycle, expect exciting hairpin turns, dramatic drops, and fantastic views of the volcano. There is even a lengthy tunnel you will cycle through on this journey. (Look for a rental with bike lights.)

Banos Ecuador bike riding can also be part of a tour. If you like the idea of having a guide along to reveal details about the flora, fauna, local history, culture and more, this might be a worthwhile investment. After zooming past waterfalls and around tight curves, you will be happy to return to Banos and its thermal pools. This cycle of adventure and relaxation is one that encourages many travelers to extend their stay in Banos Ecuador.

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