Banos Hotels

Banos hotels are a great place to stay if you're looking for a break from the city during your trip to Ecuador. Easily accessible by bus, notably from the state capital of Tunguranhua province, Ambato, and from Quito (among others), Banos is a scenic little town named after the 5 sets of thermal baths found here. The thermal baths are fashioned in concrete pools and are located in one of the most remote regions in the Amazons. It should come as no surprise then that most of Banos hotels are fashioned on spa themes and the wonders of nature found in this region of Ecuador.

Among these splendid Banos, Ecuador hotels, you'll find mostly budget hotels that Banos seems to specialize in. Aside from the budget hotels Banos has, you'll also come across a number of Banos hostels. All of this does not mean that places to stay in Banos lack quality. Far from it, Banos accommodations consistently rank among the best in Ecuador.

Some of the most popular Banos hotels include:

* the Palace Hotel: sometimes also known as the hotel offering a gateway to the Amazon Jungle, this hotel has a European ambience. A night's stay here is also eminently affordable, at approximately $25 per night!

* Luna Runtun Hotel & Spa: is a colonial style spa located just above Banos. This hotel & spa, which is truly a world class spa and resort, is blessed with some of the most spectacular natural beauty around. One of the wonders of staying at Luna Runtun Hotel & Spa is that not only are you centrally located to both the thermal baths of Banos and the Amazon Jungle, but you'll also be situated within the grounds of Llanganated National Park, making this the premium of Banos hotels. One thing to note, however, is that Luna Runtun Hotel is a fairly exclusive Banos, Ecuador hotel, with only 30 rooms offering world class views of Banos and the Llanganated National Park. Therefore, if this is the Banos hotel of your choice, make sure to book this hotel before you depart.

* Sangay Hotel & Spa: located next to a spectacular 80 meter waterfall and literally across the road from Banos famous thermal baths, many would think this superb hotel & spa would be one of the more expensive hotels in Banos. In fact, this far from the truth, and at approximately $25 per night Sangay Hotel & Spa easily qualifies as one of the best budget hotels Banos has to offer.

As well as these famous Banos hotels and budget hotels, Banos also has a number of hostels available. However, visitors to this area should note that the Tungurahua Volcano, located on the outskirts of Banos, was put on orange alert in 1999 and consequently a number of residents in the area have decided to move on to pastures new. Notwithstanding this, the mere fact that Banos, Ecuador has so much for visitors to this area to do, from outdoor activities such as horseback riding to mountain biking; or the more traditional visit to the thermal baths, means that there is usually a budget hotel or Banos hostel to stay at.

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