Banos Ecuador Mountain Biking

Banos Ecuador mountain biking is a popular way to spend time during a visit to this city and its thermal hot springs. Many adventurous travelers think of the city of Banos as a great base for a variety of outdoor activities, and bike riding in general is one of the most popular. Experienced cyclists might want to take a step up from traditional bike rides around Banos to test their skills.

With the help of an experienced tour guide, Banos mountain bike tours promise high speeds, dramatic scenery, and challenging terrain. Tours vary from a couple hours to a whole day or more of mountain biking excitement. Expect a day tour to cost approximately $100, while renting your own bike and cycling independently will be much cheaper. Mountain bike tours also provide all of the necessary safety equipment to ensure a pain-free ride. After a long day on the bike, return to Banos and hit one of the thermal pools to soothe your sore muscles.

Banos Ecuador mountain biking can be planned last minute. Biking is a popular pastime in this city, so all the hotels and hostels will have recommendations for different tour guides and companies. Once you receive your bike, be sure to give it a good look over and test the brakes, seat height, and other features.

Some visitors wonder whether they are up for Banos mountain bike tours, and there are two ways to decide. First, it is advised to rent a bike for a couple hours and hit the trail to see how you feel. If you’re interested in something more intense, get a recommendation for a local tour company and talk to the guide. See what kinds of itineraries they can offer, what the prices are, and if there are any deals going. With all of the information, you can decide whether this type of adventure tour is right for you. If you decide to take the plunge, you could be zooming by rivers, waterfalls, and local villages on the seat of a mountain bike.

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