Banos Ecuador Bridge

The Banos Ecuador bridge is a striking attraction in this outdoorsy city and a popular place to visit among walkers and hikers. The city is a great starting point for any type of adventurous excursion, and whether your love of the great outdoors extends to biking, hiking, swimming, or white water rafting, you won’t be far away from your next thrill by choosing Banos as a base.

Walking and hiking are two of the best ways to slow down and get to know the local environment, including the Banos San Francisco Bridge, which has incredible views of the dramatic scenery. From the bus terminal in Banos, it’s only a ten-minute stroll to the San Francisco Bridge Ecuador, which stretches over the Rio Pastaza Gorge. If you think the only way to explore the area is by mountain bike, think again—there is plenty to be seen just by heading out for a stroll.

If you want to continue your journey, there is more walking to be done past Banos Ecuador bridge as well. Several paths will lead you along the side of the gorge, providing even more views of the river below. These paths are the link between several bridges, so whenever you want to cross the gorge again and head back towards Banos, it is possible to do so.

Don’t forget your camera when you take a stroll to San Francisco Bridge Ecuador, the lush scenery and steep gorge make for stunning photographs. No adventurous day would be complete without visiting the local thermal baths. Sooth your sore muscles with a dip in the volcanically heated waters. These waters are said to have medicinal qualities for everyone who goes for a dip.

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