Banos Ecuador Volcano

The Banos Ecuador volcano makes more than just dramatic scenery, it also provides the heat for one of the top attractions in the city. People arrive not only for the mountain biking, hiking, and nature photography but also to soak their sore muscles in the local hot springs. The Tungurahua volcano provides the heat for the hot springs; in fact often the water is mixed with cold water to make it more pleasant.

This active volcano reaches a height of over 16,000 feet and has seen activity in recent years. In 1999, volcanic activity began again, causing the evacuation of the city of Banos. It is said that many of the residents of the town didn’t return after this evacuation. In recent years, there has been even more volcanic activity, in 2006, 2008, and 2010. Despite this fact, local and international tourists alike arrive in Banos Ecuador to enjoy the hot springs, outdoor activities, and dramatic scenery.

Part of the Andes Mountain Range, the Banos Ecuador volcano used to have a snow covered top, but since activity resumed in 1999 this has since melted away. The return of activity has produced some phenomenal sights, especially at night. When hot ash and lava are spewing from the volcano against the dark night sky, the resulting image is incredibly striking.

Prior to 2007, it was a popular pastime to climb the Tungurahua Volcano. In recent years, locals have advised against climbing the volcano, but there are plenty of other adventurous activities in the area for those visitors looking for an adrenaline rush. All hotels in the town of Banos have evacuation procedures, so visitors shouldn’t be worried about being stuck in the town in case of an eruption. If you’re planning a visit, be sure to check on recent activity before you depart for this city in Ecuador.

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