Banos Waterfalls

The Banos waterfalls are one of the scenic aspects of this Ecuadorian city known for its thermal baths, adventurous activities, and dramatic setting. The sights take many forms, from the incredible Tungurahua Volcano to local waterfalls, and nature enthusiasts will love the opportunity to see, photograph, and even cool off under the falls. Whether you choose to rent bicycles for an independent ride, sign up for a mountain biking tour, or simply want to spend a few hours hiking, you are sure to encounter local waterfalls.

Travelers with a real interest in learning about them should sign up for a Banos waterfall tour. On this tour, knowledgeable guides will bring you to the best waterfalls in the area, depending on the season and current conditions. This means that you will get the best possible experience as a result of up-to-date information.

While there are several Banos waterfalls in the area, some are more famous than others. There are 57 waterfalls in the valley, and some are particularly impressive. The Virgin’s Falls is an example of a waterfall within city limits—if you’re staying in Banos you won’t miss this one. Outside of the city, don’t miss El Manto de la Novia, or Bride’s Veil, which stretches to more than 260 feet in height.

Many locals consider Pailon del Diablo to be the most impressive in the area. On a Banos waterfall tour you are sure to visit this waterfall that reaches upwards of 328 feet. The ground is actually said to shake where the water makes impact at the bottom of the waterfall. A trip to Banos Ecuador will be full of thrills, from mountain biking to canoeing to taking a tip in the thermal waters. Undoubtedly, seeing these waterfalls with your own two eyes will be one of those thrills.

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