Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador beaches are an amazing aspect of the country and well worth a visit. While some travelers might think of the Amazon rainforest and climbing volcanoes when Ecuador attractions come to mind, the beaches, located along the western coast of the country in the South Pacific Ocean, are ideal for lazy days of sunbathing or an active vacation full of whale watching, kayaking, and scuba diving. Whether you stay for a day or two as part of a larger itinerary or are planning lengthy Ecuador beach vacations, these shores will tempt you to stay even longer.

Ecuador is located along the equator, resulting in very little temperature fluctuation throughout the year. There are only two distinct seasons in this country: the wet season and the dry season. Some people might think that the best time to visit Ecuador beaches would be during the dry season, but this isn’t always the case. The weather during the dry season is known to be cool and misty, so if you’re planning Ecuador beach vacations, it might be better to come during the wet season, which is from January through May where days are mostly sunny and afternoon rainshowers will pass in an hour or two. This also coincides with less visitors and better prices.

There are a variety of beach towns in Ecuador, and choosing one will largely depend on what type of atmosphere you seek. The best known of the beach towns in Ecuador is Salinas, a resort area where many locals go for a bit of sun. This beach is also great for a variety of activities, including jet skiing, yachting, parasailing, whale watching tours, and more. You will find a lot of activity in Salinas, so if you’re looking for that heavenly abandoned beach, this might not be the best choice for you. Another great choice for an active beach is Montanita. Here you will be able to go surfing, swimming, paragliding, among other activities.

Travelers looking for something a little more relaxed will want to check out Canoa. This little village has grown in recent years but will still deliver that perfect wide, long, and peaceful beach where you can enjoy your sunbathing in peace. This picturesque beach is perfect for a day of sun and swimming, and when the waves are up, it’s a good place for beginner surfers to work on their skills. Another peaceful spot for Ecuador beaches is Crucita. This fishing village is home to a long, narrow beach with several excellent seafood restaurants and is popular for hang-gliding. Whether you want to try the sport or not, this is a great place to relax during your Ecuador adventure.

Beach towns in Ecuador extend all the way along the coast. It is possible to plan Ecuador beach vacations that visit many different beaches, and this way you will get a full perspective of what the coastline has to offer. Ballenita is a great spot for whale watching and birding. There is also a museum here for visitors who are interested in learning more about marine life. Another tourist destination is Esmeraldas, where you will find long white sand beaches and ecological reserves. Beach vacations in Ecuador can be more than relaxing, they are also a chance to learn about local culture, nature, and wildlife. Keep in mind that beaches are just one landscape that Ecuador is famous for, so don’t miss out on the chance to also explore the rainforest, mountains, and villages.

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Ecuador Beaches


Ecuador beaches are an amazing aspect of the country and well worth a visit. ...

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