Canoa Ecuador

Canoa Ecuador is the perfect place to put your feet up if you need a few quiet days on the beach after climbing volcanoes and trekking through the Amazon Rainforest. Canoa boasts a long stretch of sandy beach and scenic surroundings, but visitors should keep in mind that a trip to Canoa Beach Ecuador need not be all relaxation—there are plenty of opportunities for a little more adventure including hang-gliding and parasailing.

For adventurous travelers, Canoa is known for its low cliffs, complete with a high bluff, that hang-gliders often use as a takeoff point. Even if you first arrived in this small beach town to sunbathe, swim, and catch up on your sleep, you might be lured into giving one of these adrenaline-inducing sports a try.

In addition, there’s more to Canoa Ecuador than just sunbathing and adventurous sports. Behind the beaches you will find dirt roads that are lined with budget hotels, affordable restaurants, and even more affordable bars. There is the average souvenir shop or two as well, and the laid-back atmosphere encourages many visitors to extend their stay by at least a few days. Located more than 200 miles from Quito, Canoa Beach Ecuador revels in its distance from the bustling capital city.

The beach here is known for surfing, especially if you are just starting out as the waves aren’t too challenging. Many locals give lessons, so if you want to give surfing a try this is the place. If you’re interested in visiting other Ecuador beaches, Montanita is located in the south, and after a few days many beach bums head there to see what this beach has to offer. Expect to spend your days lounging in a hammock or maybe going for a horseback ride along the beach—these will be the perfect long, lazy days you’ve been dreaming of.

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