Cuenca Santo Domingo Church

The Cuenca Santo Domingo church is worth visiting if you’re looking for colonial charm during your trip to Ecuador. In the historic city of Cuenca, you will find entertainment of every shape and form: bullfighting, exotic vegetable markets, and shopping, but don’t miss the chance to include some cultural sightseeing in your trip to Cuenca as well. The historic buildings are what brought the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation to this city, so be sure to check out the church and other structures.

This city is in fact home to many churches that will show visitors different moments in history. The Old Cathedral was built in 1557 and is currently undergoing an extensive renovation project. Construction on the New Cathedral began in 1880, and its striking features include two towers and a pink marble floor, imported from Italy. For the full tour of religious buildings, also visit the Cuenca church and the Monastery of El Carmen de Asuncion.

When you plan to visit the Cuenca church, there are many other attractions you will encounter at the same time. For example, the Monastery of El Carmen de Asuncion is located on the main square, right near the daily flower market. If you choose to visit this religious site not only will you learn about history, but you will see the ritual of daily life and how local people interact.

The Cuenca Santo Domingo Church is located on Gran Colombia, the main shopping street of the city. After you visit this religious site and see its carved wooden doors and detailed paintings, you can go for a stroll along Gran Colombia and browse through many handicraft stores. Many visitors are surprised to learn that although this church looks older, the Santo Domingo Church was built in the early twentieth century. Combining sightseeing with immersion into daily life will provide visitors with a well-rounded, authentic experience of Cuenca.

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