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Cuenca hotels are worth looking into if you want to visit a part of Ecuador that's of great historical significance. The city itself centers around old colonial looking buildings with narrow cobbled streets. However, the city is also the gateway one of the last outposts before visitors enter the Amazon Jungle. All of these would be enough to encourage any visitor to come to Cuenca; but the charming, elegant market of Cuenca also adds to the reasons why so many people make the journey here.

Fortunately, Cuenca accommodations available are almost as varied as the reasons to come here. Cuenca, Ecuador hotels include 2 spectacular 5-star hotels, a number of 3 and 4-star hotels, as well as a number of budget hotels. However, as with elsewhere in Ecuador, Cuenca hostels are also good value for those staying here for a short time before moving on, or traveling around the country on a strict budget.

Most of the up-market Cuenca hotels are either located on the Tomebamba River or in the colonial town. Among the more popular Cuenca, Ecuador hotels are:

* Oro Verde Cuenca: located in the residential heartland of the city, this hotel has an architectural design that fits in perfect harmony with the spectacular colonial architecture surrounding it. The hotel also has a fantastic view of the beautiful lagoon overlooking the river. For those looking for that something special, the hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam bath - all of which go to make this one of the best 5-star hotels in Ecuador.

* El Dorado: Cuenca's "other" 5-star hotel, El Dorado also has spectacular colonial architecture and out of this world service. With spectacular views of the surrounding area, the hotel also offers great restaurants for those who just want to come and dine here.

* Hotel Crespo: although this Cuenca hotel is only classified as a 4-star hotel, as an old family estate that has been converted into an upscale hotel overlooking the river with wonderful scenery and views, this hotel is one of the more popular Cuenca hotels among those who have come to stay in this fantastic part of Ecuador.

Aside from these up-market hotels, there are also a number of budget hotels Cuenca has to offer. Included in these are the Gran Hotel and Prado Inn. Both of these are classified 3-star and offer useful budget Cuenca accommodation for those looking to spend their money on some of the local produce!

Cuenca hostels available for those looking to stay here for a short time, or who are traveling on a strict budget, include the Colonial, which, as the name suggests, is located in the colonial heartland of the Cuenca. Visitors looking for a Cuenca hostel can also stay at the Hostal Macondo and Hostal Caribe Inn.

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