Cuenca Panama Hat Shop

A Cuenca Panama hat shop will answer the question if you’ve ever wondered where the stylish white hats with a black band originated. While some people think these hats originate in the nation of Panama, the actual reason for their name is that these were the hats of choice by workers who built the Panama Canal. Ecuador Panama hats are woven by hand and the short-brimmed versions are the hat of choice of the indigenous population to protect their skin from the harsh equatorial sun.

While in recent years, the wide brimmed hats have become very stylish, your purchase will also support a historic art. Throughout the cobbled city of Cuenca you will find shops that sell Panama hats. Some will be more authentic than others, and if you’re lucky, you might find yourself in a shop where the shopkeeper is also a master at weaving the hats.

One of the most enticing options for a Cuenca Panama Hat Shop is one where you can order a custom version. Hats made to order will take into account your preferences and size. This way, the Ecuador Panama Hats you bring home will truly be one-of-a-kind, and a perfect fit to boot. While you’re watching your hat being made, feel free to chat with the staff about the production process.

The price range varies widely for these hats, with the best quality options carrying a price tag of more than $400. Not every hat needs to be a splurge, however; there are many affordable options for budget travelers looking for a good souvenir. If you love to shop, Cuenca will have many tempting options. From the colorful exotic vegetables to shops filled with handicrafts, jewelry, and other souvenirs you won’t be stuck for presents to bring home to family and friends.

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