Parque Calderon Cuenca

The Parque Calderon Cuenca, the city’s beautiful central square, is one of the alluring attractions of this historic city. The narrow, cobbled streets of Cuenca are ideal for cultural travelers looking to experience a slice of authentic Ecuador, and the park is an ideal spot to take a seat on a bench and watch the city walk by.

A leisurely way to enjoy the scenery is to browse through the exotic vegetables and fruits at the market and purchase some items for a picnic. From your picnic spot, you will be able to see one of the treasured sights in the city: the large blue domes of the Catedral Nueva. Beyond the square, other attractions worth a look are the Santo Domingo Church, the many Panama Hat shops, and maybe even attending a bullfight. Whether you’re into shopping, architecture, or action; this city in Ecuador will have plenty to offer.

The old city center is full of charming squares and churches, with Parque Calderon Cuenca at the top of the list. This square is home to Catedral de la Immaculada Concepcion and also offers a variety of cafes and restaurants. While Cuenca is a large city, the squares of the historic center never have that urban feel. Traffic isn’t a problem here and largely the squares are peaceful places for going for a stroll or enjoying an afternoon drink with friends.

Spending time in Parque Calderon means that the ritual of daily life will unfold all around you. Here, old men come to gather and read the newspapers. Families arrive to go for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon and socialize. For many people, this square is the heart of local social life, outside of the markets of course. If you’re traveling on a budget, street vendors in the square offer affordable food or for a splurge, you’ll find fine-dining here as well. To understand the pulse of this colonial-looking city, look no further than Parque Calderon.

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