Tomebamba River Cuenca

The Tomebamba River Cuenca separates the two parts of this historic city in Ecuador. A visit to Cuenca will be full of color, and from the exotic fruits and vegetables of the produce market to the colorful clothes drying on the banks of Rio Tomebamba, this part of your Ecuador adventure will be a true feast for the eyes. Cuenca’s two parts are the colonial section of the city and the newer area where the universities and modern housing are located.

The buildings on the colonial side are what earned Cuenca its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. If you’re interested in architecture, be sure to also visit the many churches, cathedrals, and squares within the city. While the historic buildings are a beautiful sight on one side of the river, a competing sight is the colorful clothing set out on the river banks to dry by the local women. This will give visitors a real glimpse into the way of life in the third-largest city in Ecuador.

To the north of the Tomebamba River Cuenca lies the historic section of the city, while the modern residences are in the south. Both locals and visitors enjoy the walking trail along the northern stretch of the river. Here you can observe the charming colonial buildings flanking Rio Tomebamba while getting some exercise at the same time.

There are several attractions along the river, including an old stone bridge that once crossed the river, but is now used as a lookout point. During a walk along the river visitors will also see the Iglesia Todos Los Santos, a white-painted church dating back to the nineteenth century. In addition, kids (and some of the adults) will want to stop and see the zoo that displays indigenous amphibians and reptiles.

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