Ecuadorian Food

As you might imagine with a country full of such diverse vegetation and climate Ecuador food is well-known for its vast array of exotic fruit, numerous vegetables (most notably its potatoes), and superb quality seafood. However, if Ecuador food is not to your particular liking, food in Ecuador includes the availability of Western cuisine, or even Asian food.

Those selecting to eat the traditional foods of Ecuador will be able to select from a broad spectrum of national dishes. The overwhelming favorite national Ecuador food though consists of rice, potatoes and meat - known locally as "churrasco". Usually the meat will be beef or chicken, but in some parts of Ecuador you may find this is pork.

Among the other selections of national foods of Ecuador you may find yourself being offered include:

* ceviche - marinated seafood
* corvina - sea bass
* cuy - guinea pig
* fritada - roast pork, corn, cheese, avocado, potatoes and plantains
* locro - a combined cheese, avocado and potatoes soup
* humitas - cornmeal tamales
* trucha - trout

However, whilst soups are undoubtedly Ecuador's specialty food, every Ecuadorian gets involved with making their own "aji". Aji is the hot sauce that accompanies most foods of Ecuador - and be warned: some can be quite spicy!

For those of interested, the following are the terms that foods in Ecuador are known by (with their English language equivalent):

* battered (fried) = Apanado
* deep-fried = Brosterizado
* grilled = A la brasa
* pan-fried = Frito
* steamed = Al vapor
* stewed (meat) = Seco


Although most traditional foods in Ecuador cater for those who prefer to eat meat, in fact the choice of vegetarian foods available in Ecuador is superb - especially if you are staying in one of the more cosmopolitan cities such as Quito, Otavalo or Banos. In any event, with the rich selection of fruits and vegetables available in Ecuador, being vegetarian should not preclude you from eating here: but it is unlikely that you'll be able to partake in any specialty dishes, which, as mentioned, tend to include meat.

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