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The Andes mountain range stretches 4,400 miles along the western coast of South America, making it the longest mountain range in the world. The highest peak of the Andes mountain range rises 6,962 miles about sea level. In the Ecuador Andes, the summit of Mount Chimborazo is the earth's furthest point from its own center. Although the Andes mountain range does not compare to the Himalaya mountain range in height, it is twice as long. The climate of the Andes Ecuador is constantly changing, and locals claim the area experiences “four seasons in one day” throughout the year.

Various people, plants, and animals make the Ecuador Andes their home. Llamas dot the landscape and remain the main form of transportation for the locals, as the difficult terrain tends to make cars obsolete. A special species of tree can also be found among the peaks of the Ecuador Andes, however these trees are rapidly depleting and today only about 10% of the original mountain forests remain.

The first group of people on record to inhabit the Andes mountain range from Ecuador was the Incans. The Incan Empire reached its zenith in the 1400s and was an advanced society with aqueducts, roads, and a central government. The Spanish conquered the Incans in 1532, and a new colonial city began to develop in Quito, now referred to as the Old City.

Today, in addition to the modernized city of Quito, locals continue to inhabit the Andes mountain range from Ecuador. Irrigation techniques passed down through the centuries are still employed by farmers to this day. Wheat, corn, barley, and quinoa are all grown in the high northern section of the Andes mountain range from Ecuador. Travelers will have access to freshly grown goods in the markets of Quito.

The Andes Ecuador is one of the most popular places for tourists in all of Ecuador. Located in the northern Andes Ecuador, the city of Quito draws thousands of travelers each year. From Quito, tourists can make a number of various day trips for hiking and climbing, river rafting, birding, and other active pursuits. The city itself is also a major draw, boasting museums, restaurants, hotels, and a historical colonial district that will transport travelers back in time.

One of the most popular trips from Quito is to Ecuador's tallest volcano, known as Chimborazo. The volcano is stunning to see, and there are a number of day hikes around the lower part of the volcano. For the ambitious climber looking to reach the summit, the glacial peaks will require ice picks and other mountain climbing gear. Many climbers opt to make their first ascent with the help of a knowledgeable climbing guide; a good idea for anyone making their first trip up the enormous mountain.

As the longest mountain chain in the world with some of the world's most impressive peaks, the Andes offer an incredible experience for any traveler. Experiencing the Andes in Ecuador is one of the best places to bring this massive mountain range to life through active pursuits and guided tours.

Ecuador Andes

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