Ecuador Birding

For some travelers, a bird watching tour in Ecuador is their primary reason for traveling to the country. Since bird diversity changes along with latitude, Ecuador is situated in a prime location. Located right on the equator, Ecuador is home to more then 1,500 different species of bird. Although the country of Ecuador only accounts for less then %1 of the world's land mass, travelers will find more then %10 of the world's bird population on a bird watching tour in Ecuador. Whether make your way to Ecuador purely for a bird watching tour in Ecuador, or plan to do some bird watching in Ecuador as part of a longer vacation with diving or cruises, spending time observing the birds is a great way to experience Ecuador.

Ecuador is made up of eight different faunal zones; the Amazonian Lowlands, the Northwestern Lowlands, the southwestern Lowlands, the Subtropics, the Eastern Subtropics, the Temperate Region, the Paramo, and the Galapagos Islands. Each of these zones is home to different groups of bird species. For anyone planning a bird watching vacation, you will want to spend time in all of these regions in order to view the highest number of birds. Bird watching tours that take travelers through all of the faunal zones can be readily arranged throughout the year. Budget travelers can even plan bird watching tours of their own by using Ecuador's public transportation. Although the bus system in Ecuador is very basic, travel is incredibly inexpensive.

For travelers who have a limited amount of time for bird watching in Ecuador, it might be best to pick one or two faunal zones to visit. Many bird watching tours can also be booked for individual regions, for as long as a week or as short as an afternoon. Depending on your desired comfort level, your bird watching vacation can range from camping in the jungle and packing in your own food, to a full service tour with more amenities.

Yet, another popular way to enjoy bird watching in Ecuador is by visiting and Ecuador bird watching reserve. Ecuador bird watching reserves are protected areas where travelers can view birds in a natural setting with the help of a guide. Most Ecuador bird watching reserves span about 200 acres, with plenty of room to explore via maintained paths. Reserves are an excellent option for travelers looking to do just a bit of bird watching during the day. Bird reserves are also filled with knowledgeable staff to educate anyone who is on their first bird watching vacation.

Whether you choose to plan your bird watching vacation for a long period of time or a short one, travelers are never disappointed by the incredible species of birds in Ecuador. Birds that can be found nowhere else in the world can be found in Ecuador in all of the various faunal zones. Bird watching tours can take the shape of anything from an independent voyage with nothing but binoculars and a tent, to a comfortable stroll with a guide. Either way, you are sure to marvel at all of the glorious birds in this equatorial country.

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