Ecuador Hostels

Ecuador hostels are perfect if you’re looking to stretch your travel budget as far as possible—they will help you keep your cost per day at its absolute lowest, which can either keep your trip under budget or provide you with extra money to spend on food, nightlife, tours, and other attractions. Quito hostels offer very basic accommodation, often dorm rooms, and shared bathroom facilities. In general, an Ecuador youth hostel will be a safe and affordable place to stay. One smart thing to do before booking any hostel is to read its reviews online from fellow travelers; this will help you to separate the good from the bad when it comes to hostels.

Upon arrival in the country, many travelers discover that Ecuador hostels aren’t the only type of accommodation within their budget. There are cheap hotels across the country where you can secure your own private room for approximately 25 dollars a night. This can often include a private bathroom, breakfast, and sometimes even perks like such as Internet access. Many travelers who originally planned on staying in Quito hostels wind up choosing charming, small hotels where they can meet local people and gain recommendations about attractions, nightlife, and restaurants.

However, if budget is your main concern, and you don’t have a penny to spare, an Ecuador youth hostel is not a bad option. Many backpackers spend months traveling through South America without setting foot in a hotel. If you’re looking for Quito hostels, the best place to look is online. Many hostels can come and go, so if you read about a place in a guidebook, it is best to do some further research online too make sure it is still operating. The most popular Ecuador hostels in Quito include Hostal Backpackers Inn, Jhomana Hostal Quito, and Jardin del Sol, where rooms can be booked for as little as $7.25 per night.

Travelers with slightly more room in their budgets will want to check out the best options in hostels. Many hostels have a few private rooms on offer, although these can often be booked in advance. If you have your itinerary planned before your trip, booking the private room in a hostel will be the best of both worlds. You will have all the privacy of a hotel with the affordable rate of a hostel. These private rooms in hostels are often approximately $15 per night. One example in Quito is the Hostel Jardin, where private rooms are offered at a rate that is more affordable than cheap hotels.

Outside of the capital of Quito, it is easy to find an Ecuador youth hostel. In Guayaquil for example, Hostal Los Andes can be booked for roughly $12 a night, while Hostal Caribe costs about $16 a night. From Banos to Cuenca to Otavalo, there are hostels that have been welcoming weary backpackers and budget travelers alike for decades. One of the best sources for up to date information on hostels is your fellow travelers. While on the road, be sure to ask travelers where they have been so far in the country and what hostels they recommend, or recommend you stay away from. If you take this advice, your hostel experience in Ecuador will only be positive.



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