Ecuador Hotels

Ecuador hotels come in a vast array, and as with everything else in Ecuador, that means that you can chose to stay in Ecuador at fairly inexpensive lodgings, or at 5-star service hotels—as your budget and mood may decide.

5-Star Ecuador Hotels
For those of you who do not wish to miss out on all of the comforts of home, fortunately Ecuador hotels include a number of fabulous 5-star residences. These range from famous hotel chains, such as the JW Marriott and Sheraton, to hotels that have been transformed from old colonial homes into 5-star hotels and spas. With prices ranging from $80 to $500, per night, staying at 5-star hotels in Ecuador need not break the bank! However, if your budget is tight, one consideration you may want to take on board is a night's stay at the Sheraton run Four Points Hotel. The Four Points is a fabulous hotel in Quito that's located close to the airport and not far from the Quito's shopping district, making this the ideal hotel for your last night in Ecuador.

3 and 4-Star Ecuador Hotels
Ecuador has a vast number of 3 and 4-star hotels located all over the country that are well worth staying at. As with a number of other hotels in the country, Ecuador's 3 and 4-star hotels are usually old colonial homes that have been transformed into hotels. All of Ecuador's major cities, such as Otavalo, Banos and Cuenca have 3 and 4-star hotels available.

Cheap Hotels in Ecuador
Some would argue that all hotels in Ecuador are cheap! However, if you are traveling on a tight budget, then Ecuador really is a dream come true as it does have some of the cheapest good quality hotels in the world. For as little as $25 a night, you can stay in a delightful hotel such as the Sangay Hotel & Spa in Banos, which is located right next door to an 80 meter waterfall and a stone's throw from the Banos thermal baths.

Aside from hotels in the Ecuadorian countryside, which are traditionally cheap, it is also possible to find cheap hotel in Quito, Ecuador, meaning that your stay in the capital need not be expensive at all.

Youth Hostel in Quito, Ecuador
Youth hostel can be found in Quito, Ecuador and all over the country. As with youth hostels the world-over, when looking for a youth hostel in Ecuador you can chose from an establishment offering dormitories or rooms with private baths, or both. A perfect example of a youth hostel in Ecuador is the Hostel Jardin youth hostel, Quito, Ecuador which has private room beds for as little as $16 a night.

With a selection as varied as from a 5-star hotel to a youth hostel, Ecuador hotels offer you a wide range of choice and variety - but all cater to your every need with excellent service!

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