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Ecuador airlines are the most common form of transportation for most tourists, and while many people who travel to Ecuador prefer to fly to one of its two international airports—in Quito and Guayaquil—it is also possible to get their via boat and by road. However, with the costs associated with traveling via sea and land almost the same as traveling via air, it is rare for visitors to select either of these methods (unless your traveling back from the Galapagos Islands, when boat is usually the preferred mode of transport). Having said that, budget travelers may want to consider a flight to Lima, Peru, which is traditionally cheaper than a flight to Ecuador, and then continuing your journey overland by bus. Keep in mind, however, that the bus journey from Lima is normally 24-hours long!

Nearly all international flights to Ecuador get routed through Houston, Los Angeles, Miami or New York; regardless of whether the flight has originated in Europe or Asia.

Once you are inside Ecuador, the small size of the country usually means that selecting one of the two main airlines in Ecuador is a good and cheap method of transport. These two main domestic Ecuador airlines are TAME and SAN. Aside from TAME and SAN, however, airlines in Ecuador include a number of special charter flights, which can be hired fairly inexpensively and are a good means of seeing the spectacular beauty of the surrounding snowcapped mountain ranges. Even with domestic flights, which tend to be fairly inexpensive, nearly all flights will be routed through either Quito or Guayaquil.

If flying on one of the airlines in Ecuador is not for you, Ecuador buses - Busetas - provide a good alternative. Ordinarily, Ecuador buses are fairly small in size (compared to western buses, at least) with 22 seats. They are also expected to travel fairly long distances, remembering that this is actually a small country, and so can go at some fairly high speeds. An alternative form of Ecuador bus to the Busetas is the Autobuses. Autobuses tend to go slower than Busetas, but are also a more social and enjoyable way to travel the country if time is not of the essence. A word of warning: if you do decide to travel on one of Ecuador's buses, try to avoid using an Ecuador bus during the night time, especially in Guayas Province, as gangs of highwaymen have been known to ply their trade.

Although Ecuador has a train system, the Ecuador train system is antiquated and tourists are expected to pay more for the privilege of traveling on an Ecuador train than locals. Having said this, some of the scenery in Ecuador can be best seen from a train, and in certain cases passengers are allowed to travel on the roof of the train to maximize their viewing pleasure - something the locals often find humorous. Also, with spectacular train runs such as that between Alausi and Guayaquil, a trip on an Ecuador train is often the highlight of any train enthusiasts life!

Finally, cars can be hired in Ecuador, but unless you know the system well it is not recommended. Also, with local taxis available for long drive hire, if traveling around the country in a car is what you want to do, it is recommended that you select to hire a taxi rather than a rental car.

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