Ecuador Vacation Packages

Putting together the perfect Ecuador vacation package for your trip to Ecuador can be a great way to save money or see special sites while you travel. An Ecuador vacation package can range in price and include a host of different activities. Most Ecuador vacation packages will include airfare, accommodation, and other arrangements for getting around the country. Popular travel packages to Ecuador also include tours and other adventures. Whether its mountain climbing, hanging with the unique animals of the Galapagos Islands, or visiting a historical city such as Quito, travel packages to Ecuador can include just about anything.

One of the most trafficked vacation sites in Ecuador is of course the Galapagos Islands. Famous for the proximity of its endemic animals and beautiful year round, the Galapagos Islands are stunning. Cruises and Ecuador adventure vacations can be arranged for travel to the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador adventure vacations to the Galapagos Islands generally include tours of the many islands by boat. Many of these packages include airfare, accommodation, ship travel, food, and on shore tours all for one fee. For groups or families traveling together, this all-inclusive package is a great way to simplify planning and keep costs low.

Another of the most popular vacation sites in Ecuador is Quito. This modern city is a main attraction with plenty to see and do. Travel packages to Ecuador into Quito are generally the least expensive way to travel to the country. Although a city existed on the site long before European settlers reached the area, the most prominent roads and structures still reflect Quito's Spanish influence. Colonial architecture can be seen throughout this modern city, merging the Ecuador of the past with the Ecuador of the present. A bevy of museums and local markets make the city of Quito one of the most exciting vacation sites in Ecuador.

From Quito, the section of the Andes mountain range that runs through Ecuador is just a few hours drive away. Climbing Ecuador adventure vacations are an excellent way to combine the beauty of the Andes with the rest of your Ecuador vacation. Travel packages to Ecuador for climbing often combine airfare, accommodation, and a booked spot with a climbing company. Climbing guides can be booked in advance right along with the rest of your Ecuador vacation package to ensure the lowest rates. With the concentration of some of the world's most accessible and beautiful glaciers, travel packages to Ecuador for climbing will offer climbers multiple options.

Ecuador's coastal region is yet another great place for the focus of an Ecuador vacation package. Beaches in Ecuador are famous for great surfing and their relaxed pace. Ecuador adventure vacations at the beach can include fishing trips, jungle hikes, or tours of the various museums found along the coast.

However you decide to organize your Ecuador vacation, be sure to look into the option of booking a package. All-inclusive cruises to the Galapagos Islands can be a low cost way to travel in style, while climbing or jungle tours bring the beauty of Ecuador to life. Whatever your interests, there is likely an Ecuador vacation package that is right for you.

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