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The weather in Ecuador is reasonably consistent, because of the country’s location near the equator, but a little research ahead of time can ensure that you have the trip of your dreams. There are two main seasons that affect Quito Ecuador weather: the dry season and the wet season. While this may seem simple enough, the best time to visit Ecuador may vary depending on what you want to do. For example, the best time to visit the beaches is during the wet season, where it might rain for an hour or two in the afternoon, but you will otherwise have perfect beach weather. Keep in mind that altitude will also play a major role in the weather in Ecuador.

January through May: Some travelers might argue that the best time to travel to Ecuador is during the coastal wet season. While these months may experience afternoon downpours, they are also known for the best beach weather. Budget travelers will be willing to deal with an hour or two of rain in exchange for the lower prices on offer during these months. Considered the off-season, the months of January through May will be significantly cheaper (especially in regards to flights and accommodation) than during the high season.

June through December: Other travelers might say that the best time to visit Ecuador is during the dry season, from June through December. If you want to hit the beach, this might not be the best time, as days are known for being cool, misty, and overcast. This period also coincides with the high season of travel to Ecuador. From June through September, coinciding with the busiest period of travel in North American and Europe, Ecuador welcomes many international tourists. While you may hear the argument that this is the best time to visit Ecuador, you are also likely to experience higher prices, especially for accommodation. To save money on hotels, make sure you make reservations in advance.

Quito Ecuador weather will welcome travelers all year long. This country is known for being a year round destination, despite the differences in its two distinct seasons. The weather in Ecuador also experiences significant changes depending on geography; weather will be different in the mountains, the rain forest, on the beaches, and in the city. Remember that temperature can fluctuate wildly according to elevation, so be sure to pack along a few layers even if you’re planning a beach vacation. The best time to visit Ecuador will depend on the activities you have in mind, but with a little research, you will discover the perfect time of year to plan your trip.

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