Esmeraldas Ecuador

Esmeraldas Ecuador is one of the northernmost beaches in the country, almost at the border with Colombia. Along the whole coastline, Ecuador is home to a variety of great beaches where you can sit back with a good book, learn to surf, and taste fresh seafood.

Esmeraldas is a large coastal city that historically was famous for its port. Some of the reports on this area of Ecuador are mixed, citing slightly dirty beaches, local crime, and pollution. While the American government still urges travelers to use caution when visiting this area of the country, there are better reports coming out of Esmeraldas in recent years. The beaches here have become known for nightlife, serene waters, and affordable hotels. Atacames Ecuador, for example, is known to travelers by a specific drink, the crazy coconut, made with coconut water. Nearby Muisne Ecuador is also known for its unspoiled beaches.

In recent years Esmeraldas Ecuador has been transforming its reputation. This port city was once known more for its close proximity to Colombia than for its beautiful beaches. Adventurous travelers who are looking for a bit of action will love the nightlife on offer at Atacames Ecuador. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quiet beach, you may want to check out the fishing village of Crucita or the water sports heaven of Canoa.

Rest assured though, just because Esmeraldas offers nightlife and affordable hotels, this doesn’t make the beaches any less beautiful. All year long you can swim in the beautiful waters, dine al fresco on the pier in Atacames, and party until dawn. Dancing, bonfires, and all night parties make this an especially popular spot for backpackers.

Image: Banco de imagenes TURIDEE (flickr)
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