Cachalote Galapagos

The Motor Sailor Cachalote is a 96 foot schooner with service in the Galapagos Islands. The 16 passenger boat runs year round and offers comfortable accommodation for guests. Fully air conditioned, Cachalote makes travel through the Galapagos Islands an intimate event. Hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving in Galapagos can all be arranged through the Cachalote crew. Guests can travel in style as they admire all that the Galapagos Islands have to offer.

Trips on board the Cachalote last 8 days, with guests flying first into the Baltra Airport in the Galapagos Islands from Ecuador where they will board the boat. From Baltra, the boat will make its way to Santa Cruz Island to visit the Darwin Research Station and then on to Espanola Island. Next, the boat will continue on to Isabela Island, Puerto Egas Island, and back to Santa Cruz Island. Along the way, travelers will spend time hiking, snorkeling, bird watching, and scuba diving in Galapagos.

Details of rooms and accommodation on the Motor Sailor Cachalote:

Main Deck

There is just one cabin located on the main deck of the Cachalote. Along with a double bed, closet, ensuite toilet, sink, air conditioning, and shower, the upper cabin also features a window with an ocean view and large portholes. Located near the main eating area, the main deck cabin offers spacious accommodation.

Below Deck

Below deck there are 7 additional cabins featuring bunk beds. Each of the below deck rooms offer a closet, ensuite toilet, sink and shower, portholes, and air conditioning. Crew accommodation and the engine room are also located below deck.

Additional Amenities

In addition to comfortable accommodation and great views, the Cachalote also offer guests hot and cold running water 24 hours a day. A deck for sunning is located on the front of the boat, and the entire schooner is air conditioned. Meals are provided in the spacious dining room located on the main deck. A knowledgeable nature guide will be available for questions and information when hiking on the islands. Scuba diving in Galapagos may also be arranged via the Cachalote crew, but it must be done in advance.

Guests of the Motor Sailor Cachalote will all enjoy access to:

-multilingual naturalist guide

-on board cook and sailing crew

-fully air conditioned units

-hot and cold running water all hours of the day and night

-spacious dining area

-deck for sunning

-equipment for a diving cruise

Whether you are planning a diving cruise Galapagos or simply hoping to relax on one of the many Galapagos Islands cruises, a trip on the Cachalote provides a personal experience. Knowledgeable staff for a diving cruise Galapagos or for simply hiking through the islands are available throughout the duration of your vacation. Navigating the waters of the Galapagos on board the Cachalote is sure to be a memorable experience for years to come.

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