Galapagos Tours

The Galapagos Islands are known throughout the world as the inspirational site for most of the theories of Charles Darwin. Exploring the species of these incredible islands has been a popular pursuit ever since, and a host of companies offer Galapagos tours, Galapagos day trips and Galapagos diving day trips. Once you've found the right Galapagos tours for your trip, get ready for one of the most exciting tours in the world.

Galapagos Tours

Day trips will be mostly available through a cruise line that travels around and between the Galapagos Islands. From the Ecuador mainland, the Galapagos Islands are actually a substantially long flight away, so once in the Galapagos Islands you will certainly be spending more than one day there. Galapagos day trips are generally spread out over the course of whatever cruise schedule your chosen cruise line presents. Most companies take travelers to the Darwin science site, as well as through most of the islands for hiking, fishing, swimming, and general exploration.

Galapagos Diving Day Trips

Travelers who love to scuba dive will want to be sure and book Galapagos diving day trips for their vacation. Diving day trips must be booked through a diving company, and travelers will usually be with small groups of other divers. Trips out from the island to popular diving spots in the ocean near the Galapagos Islands can be booked for a full or half day, although most experienced divers choose to book their trip for a full day of diving. Whatever you decide, a diving day trip off the shores of the Galapagos islands will offer tourists a chance to be up close and personal with some of the most diverse and unique species in the world. The animals of the Galapagos Islands are also widely known as a friendly sort. Since they have evolved far from the influence of humans, they have an unusual way of getting up close and personal, and it is not at all uncommon to see schools of fish happy to swim right with you.


Sailing the Galapagos Islands is an incredible way to enjoy the islands. Many travelers take advantage of this option by chartering a private sail boat, with a crew, to sail through the islands at their own pace. Sailing the Galapagos is becoming increasingly popular.


Although you cannot kayak from the mainland, kayaking from one of the Galapagos Islands through inland rivers is increasingly popular. A lovely day can be spent with the feel of the oars in your hands and the beauty of the islands whizzing by on either side.


Though almost everyone who travels to the Galapagos will travel by boat at some point, there are different specialty cruises available, and a great day trip might be to try a one-day trip from one of the islands for diving, swimming, or any other kind of water activity.

However you decide to enjoy the Galapagos Islands, plenty of tours that cater to bird watching, scuba diving, kayaking and more are available.

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