Galapagos Explorer II

The Galapagos Explorer II is a luxury cruise ship that channels the waters of the Galapagos Islands. In addition to providing comfortable accommodation for your Galapagos Island tour, the Galapagos Explorer II offers educational opportunities for guests. The Galapagos Explorer II has room for 100 passengers and travels at the quick speed of 17 knots, allowing passengers to see more of the islands in less time. A spacious dining room and private cabins make the Galapagos Explorer an excellent choice for comfortable accommodation.

The Galapagos Explorer offers three different cruise durations for your vacation. Guests of the Galapagos Explorer can choose a 4, 5, or 8 day trip. All cruise trips will begin at the Baltra Airport. Travelers will fly from the main land into Baltra, where staff from the Galapagos Explorer will be waiting to transport them to the ship for their cruise to the Galapagos. From Baltra, guests will head for Santa Cruz Island where the famous Darwin Museum is located. Santa Cruz is the largest port in the Galapagos and an excellent place to begin your cruise to the Galapagos. From Santa Cruz, the cruise ship will loop around the islands to end back in Santa Cruz. Guests will pass through Batholomew Island, Fernandina Island, Isabela Island, Espanola Island, and more. The ship will travel between ports at night, and guests will have the full day to explore the various ports and islands.

Details of rooms and accommodation on the Galapagos Explorer II:

Explorer Deck

The Explorer Deck is the uppermost deck on the Galapagos Explorer. The Renaissance Balcony Suites located on the Explorer Deck average about 250 square feet and are the only suites on the ship to offer a private veranda. A sitting area, three full length wardrobes, convertible double beds, a private marble bathroom and air conditioning combine to make these rooms a treat. TV, hair dryers, and a sofa complete the Renaissance Balcony Suite.

Erickson Deck

The Erickson Deck can be located just below the Explorer Deck, and features two types of rooms. The Renaissance Panoramic Suite features three panoramic window and three full length wardrobes. Convertible double beds, a private marble bathroom, air conditioning, TV, hair dryers, and a sofa are also available in this suite. The second type of room on the Erickson Deck is the Deluxe Suite. Still offering three full- length windows and all of the amenities of the Renaissance Suite, the Deluxe Suite is just a bit smaller and features two wardrobes rather then three.

Marco Polo Deck

Below the Erickson Deck guests will find the Marco Polo Deck. The Premium Suites located on this deck feature three picture windows and two wardrobes, as well as convertible double beds, a private marble bathroom, air conditioning, TV, hair dryers, and a sofa.

Columbus Deck

Under the Marco Polo Deck is the Columbus Deck. The Classic Suites of the Columbus Deck feature three large windows, along with convertible double beds, a private marble bathroom, air conditioning, TV, hair dryers, and a sofa.

Magellan Deck

The Magellan Deck is the lowest deck on the ship. The Classic Suites located on this level have spacious walk-in closets and a curtain to separate the sleeping and sitting area. In addition, the Classic Suites feature convertible double beds, a private marble bathroom, air conditioning, TV, hair dryers, and a sofa.

Additional Amenities

A cruise to the Galapagos on the Galapagos Explorer will also include access to a range of public areas ripe for exploration. The Naturalist Room is open to guests, and travelers will find the ship's guides monitoring and researching in this room. Guests are invited to participate and observe. Crew members will also engage guests in nightly star gazing lecture and provide visual aids for viewing. Snorkeling gear is available daily for guests hoping to spend time with underwater marine life.

Guests of the Galapagos Explorer will all enjoy access to:



-Karaoke Bar

-Conference Room


-Swimming Pool

-Solarium and observatory deck

-24 hour coffee and tea station

-Massage Suite

-Satellite communication

The Galapagos Islands cruises are a once in a lifetime experience. For discount Galapagos cruises, try booking a last minute trip. If your travel plans are somewhat flexible, this can be a great way to take advantage of lower rates.

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