Galapagos Family Tours

Galapagos family tours are a great way to see one of the most unique archipelagos in the world, comprising thirteen big islands, six small islands, and more than 40 islets. With so many islands and ports, planning Galapagos Islands family tours can seem like a daunting task. Hundreds of tour companies, however, offer tours, trips, flights, and cruises through the area. Booking last minute Galapagos trips can be a great way to save money if you have flexible travel plans, or by booking a Galapagos Islands family travel package.

Galapagos Islands family tours are a great way to organize your Galapagos Island family travel itinerary in advance. Tours of many islands and ports are arranged via ship, and most Galapagos Island family tours will be available on board a cruise ship. Families should be aware that although the cruise ships are quite modern, they are smaller then the typical cruise ship, and are meant to provide lodging and meals rather then endless entertainment. Since the best family Galapagos Island travel fun will be happening on the islands themselves, this should not present a problem.

One of the many great ways to spend your time when not on board the cruise ship is taking a snorkeling tour. More endemic marine species can be found in the waters off the Galapagos Islands then anywhere else in the world. Additionally, the animals of the Galapagos Islands have absolutely no fear of people, and a snorkeling tour allows for an intimate experience with hundreds of different species of underwater creatures. Snorkeling is a great Galapagos Islands family travel activity, as even young children can participate and enjoy the beauty of the Island's many beautiful marine creatures.

In addition to cruise ship tours, Galapagos Islands family tours can also be booked on board a chartered boat. For large families or multiple families traveling together, Galapagos Islands family travel can become a more private experience by booking passage on a chartered boat. Charted boats will come with their own crew and usually food. A chartered boat is one of the more expensive Galapagos Islands family tours option, but an excellent choice for families looking for the utmost in independence and privacy.

For families looking for budget Galapagos Islands family travel, there are plenty of less expensive options, as well. Mid-range tour boats tend to provide the best value for travelers. Meals will be provided for onboard the ship, and travelers will usually have air-conditioning and hot water as well. You do get what you pay for with Galapagos Islands family travel, and the most economically priced boats will not have hot water, air conditioning, or private bathrooms. Depending on the age of children and desired level of comfort, be sure to consider all options before booking your trip.

Galapagos Island family tours are an excellent way to enjoy the warmth of the beach and the beauty of tropical islands at the same time. All the while, families will experience an educational and fascinating vacation; however they plan to organize their Galapagos Islands family travel.

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