Galapagos Sea Lions

Galapagos sea lions will likely be part of any trip to this island destination off the coast of Ecuador. These friendly creatures are unique to this area of the world, breeding exclusively in the Galapagos Islands. Visitors will often see them on the beach, sunbathing or playing, and may even get a chance to go swimming with them, or kayak while they frolic in the water alongside. Other fascinating mammals that tourists can see in the islands are the Galapagos seals, the smallest of the fur seal species, although these creatures are rather shyer than their sea lion neighbors.

Tourists can see Galapagos sea lions almost as soon as they debark in the Galapagos Islands, as these sea lions are frequently found on the beaches or rocks by the shores of the islands. The males are dark brown in color, while the females can be distinguished by their lighter fur. Frequently you may see females nursing or playing with their pups, an amusing and adorable sight. When in areas where there are large colonies of Galapagos sea lions, tourists should be careful of the bulls, which can be very territorial and aggressive. Although these animals are playful and friendly, it's best to stay a safe distance away.

The Galapagos seals were unique to the Galapagos Islands until just recently, when a colony of them migrated to northern Peru. This is good news for the small grayish-brown Galapagos fur seal, which was severely endangered during the last two centuries due to its beautiful soft fur, as well as weather pattern changes. Although their population has stabilized in the last 30 years, it is still a rare treat to see the Galapagos seals, as they are shy and hide in shady areas such as caves or rock outcroppings during the day, venturing out to feed at night.

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