Galapagos International Expeditions

The International Expeditions cruise line prides itself on offering high quality cruise opportunities to travelers while maintaining a sense of conservation and environmental responsibility. The International Expeditions cruise line offers service more then twenty destinations throughout the world, including the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands cruises with International Expeditions will stress the importance of conservation as well as the appreciation for the natural world, and a wildlife guide will always be on board for the benefit of passengers.

The International Cruises and Expeditions cruise line travels through the Galapagos Islands via the Evolution. The Evolution holds 32 guests in 16 cabins, along with a crew and 2 naturalist guides. Tours are ten days in length, with an itinerary that begins in Miami. Passengers arrive by plane to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and then from Guayaquil to the San Cristobal Island airport in the Galapagos. From San Cristobal, the Evolution begins its loop through the islands, heading to Espanola Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santiago Island, Fernandina Island, and more, ending back on San Cristobal on day nine. Along the way, travelers will visit the Charles Darwin conservation center and spent entire days trekking through the beautiful landscape with under the tutelage of a knowledgeable nature guide from the International Cruises and Expeditions crew.

The International Cruises and Expeditions cruise line also specializes in family expeditions. Built into the regular itinerary guests will find a "kids-only" itinerary with activities designed just for children. Family expeditions are greatly enhanced by these special hikes and learning opportunities as the expert nature guides take children through an education they will not soon forget. For family expeditions, menus have also been altered with consideration of children’s preferences in mind.

Details of rooms and accommodation on the Evolution:

A Deck:

The A Deck is the uppermost deck on the Evolution. The three largest cabins are location on this deck. Featuring convertible beds, private bathrooms, a sitting area, picture windows and a full closet, the A deck cabins are located near the Radio Room and Bridge. A bar is also located on the A deck.

C Deck

Located two floors below the A Deck, Nine the C Deck features nine guest rooms. Rooms are moderately sized and feature convertible beds, windows, a full closet, and private bathrooms. Also located on the C Deck is the Infirmary.

D Deck

Four more rooms are located on the D Deck, the ship’s lowest deck. Cabins on the D Deck feature porthole windows, convertible beds, private bathrooms, and small closet. Crew rooms can also be found on this level.

Additional Amenities

Guests of the Evolution Galapagos cruise will find many of the ships common areas located on the B Deck. A hot tub, sunning area and lounge are available, as well as a dining room, where all meals are served. The Evolution Galapagos cruise also has an "open bridge" policy, meaning that guests can enter the bridge room at any time to speak with the captain and view the workings of the ship.

Guests of International Expeditions Galapagos cruise ship will all enjoy access to:

-hot tub
-sunning area
-spacious dining room
-fully stocked bar
-two nature guides on board

No matter how you plan to spend your time in the Galapagos, a cruise with International Expeditions is sure to provide comfort and a lasting learning experience to remember for years to come.

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