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Lindblad Expeditions offer cruises to many destinations throughout the world, including the Galapagos Island. Fleets of smaller, more nimble ships are used for Lindblad travel, making it possible for guest to move quickly through the waters and spend more time viewing wildlife on the islands. Nature guides can always be found on Lindblad Expeditions, providing valuable information about animal activity and animal facts. Whether you plan to hike, snorkel, visit with the animals, or all of the above, a trip on Lindblad Expeditions is an excellent choice for your Galapagos Islands cruises.

The Lindblad cruise line offers service through the Galapagos Islands on board the M.S. Islander. Trips aboard the Islander will last ten days, beginning in Guayaquil in Ecuador. From Guayaquil, guests will fly into the Baltra Airport in the Galapagos and board the ship. Although the order of itinerary may change, the Lindblad Islander will visit Santa Cruz, Espanola, Floreana, Genovesa, Fernandina, Isabela, Bartolomé and Santiago Islands. Along the way, travelers on board the Lindblad Islander will see boobies, sea lions, flamingos, tropical penguins, and more.

Details of rooms and accommodation on Island Lindblad Cruises:

Upper Deck

The uppermost deck of the Islander features two different types of rooms. Category 5 cabins are the largest, and features feature two lower single beds that can convert to a queen bed and wrap around windows. They also feature outside glassed in terraces with seating, as well as a desk, chairs, and table. There are two category 5 cabins on board the ship.

Category 4 rooms are also located on the upper deck. Still quite roomy, category 4 rooms features two lower single beds that can convert to a queen bed or a double bed, as well as windows and outside glassed in terraces with seating. There are six category 4 rooms on the ship.

Bridge Deck

Located below the Upper Deck guests will find the Bridge Deck. Just one type of room can be found on the Bridge Deck; Category 3 rooms. Category 3 rooms feature two lower single beds that can convert to a queen bed and a window

Main Deck

Located just below the Bridge Deck is the Main Deck. The Main Deck features two types of rooms; Category 2 and Category 1 rooms. Category 2 rooms are centrally located cabins with two lower single beds that can convert to a queen bed and a window. Category 1 rooms are the smallest rooms on board the Islander and feature two lower single beds that can convert to a queen bed and a window.

Additional Amenities

All rooms on Islander Lindblad cruises feature private bathrooms for the comfort and convenience of the guests. The ship itself also features some great common areas, including a lounge, restaurant, and sunning area. All meals are including in the cost of Lindblad cruises, and food will be served daily in the restaurant area. Wildlife experts are available throughout the day and evening for questions and to enhance your Lindblad tour experience. Your Lindblad tour guide will also provide snorkeling gear and Lindblad tour hiking guides for your time on the islands.

Guests of the M.S. Islander will all enjoy access to:

-snorkel gear



-sunning deck

-knowledgeable Lindblad travel staff

-meals on board the ship

Lindblad travel on board the Islander provides an excellent opportunity for guests to experience all that the Galapagos Islands has to offer. Interacting with the wonderful animals of the islands or kicking back in the lounge to share your day with fellow travelers, a Lindblad cruise can be the perfect backdrop for your Galapagos vacation.

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