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The San Cristobal Galapagos hotels are excellent places to stay if you’re looking to relax for a day or two before heading back to mainland Ecuador. San Cristobal is one of the most popular islands to visit in the Galapagos, as it has a larger human settlement than all of the islands besides Santa Cruz. It is also an easy island to explore on your own, with several San Cristobal attractions within walking distance of the main town, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Among them is the largest freshwater lake in the Galapagos Islands, as well as colonies of sea lions and frigatebirds.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the best place to look for San Cristobal Galapagos hotels, as this main town is the second-largest settlement in the Galapagos, following Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. You can find a variety of good restaurants and bars in the quiet seaside town, and a raucous colony of sea lions right on the beach on the town's waterfront. Keep in mind that accommodation here is basic, as the resources simply aren't there to support the luxury hotels that you may be used to. However, if you're willing to put up with some minor inconveniences, there are some gems that provide a pleasant experience while staying in San Cristobal.

One excellent option in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is Hotel Casa Blanca, one of the favorite inns among tourists on San Cristobal. This is no five-star hotel, but the little inn has a charm all its own. Each room is decorated with its own theme, with marine murals, ceilings painted to look like the sky, and other quirky decorations made by a local artist. Rooms are basic, so expect no luxuries here—bathrooms are separated from the main room merely by a wall, and showers are heated with electric heaters. Nevertheless, the price is right for such a charming place, and this is a great budget hotel with better value than a typical characterless hostel. The staff is extremely helpful, and an extremely reasonably priced and delicious breakfast at the hotel cafe is a great way to start your day. The hotel has two huge perks: Many rooms look out right on the ocean, and there is a colony of sea lions on the beach within a few steps of the hotel.

The Casa Iguana Mar Y Sol (pictured) is one of the most positively reviewed San Cristobal Galapagos hotels, with an elegant white building overlooking the waterfront and a long patio running along every floor, perfect for viewing the sunset over the ocean. This bed-and-breakfast has excellent amenities for this area, with electric heaters for the showers, air-conditioning, and fans. Beds may be basic but are comfortable, and each room is decorated with hand-carved shutters and doors in a different theme. A rooftop bar is a great place to sip a drink while looking out at the peaceful view, and hot breakfasts served at the hotel are excellent. The owners operate their own farm in the mountains, so if you're looking for great locally grown coffee and an eco-conscious hotel, Casa Iguana is perfect for you.

Another good hotel you might consider in San Cristobal is the Hotel Miconia. While more expensive than its neighbor, Casa Blanca, the three-star rated Miconia offers nicely appointed rooms with refrigerators and fans, although not all rooms are air-conditioned. There is a pool, nice for cooling off after a day in the sun, and the hotel restaurant has a good selection of local dishes. As with all hotels in San Cristobal, the biggest perk is its close proximity to the waterfront and splendid views over the water.

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