Guayaquil Ecuador

Guayaquil Ecuador is the largest and most populous city in the country. While it may be known as the center of manufacturing and business in Ecuador, it also has developed in recent decades that make it attractive for visitors. Guayaquil tourism is based around its river, Rio Guayas, where an amusement park, historic center, shopping district, and modern bars and restaurants are all located. Urban renewal projects have brought Guayaquil Ecuador attractions to the attention of travelers. This city is now competing with Quito for culture, and with flights to the Galapagos, more and more travelers are adding Guayaquil to the itinerary.

One highlight of visiting Ecuador is definitely exploring the Galapagos Islands. These islands are a province of Ecuador, and can be reached with a three hour flight from the mainland. Only two cities offer direct flights to the Galapagos: the capital of Quito and Guayaquil Ecuador. This fact has helped to rejuvenate the city as a tourist destination. Several large universities bring vibrancy to the city, and whether you’re looking for theater, art, nightlife, or restaurants you will encounter a new scene in Guayaquil.

Guayaquil Ecuador attractions extend beyond the city’s main association as the commercial center of the country. International events and festivals have helped to draw travelers, as well as the rejuvenation of public parks, a shopping district, and a small historic center. Take a stroll along the street leading away from the river, 9 de Octubre, to discover one of the top Guayaquil Ecuador attractions, a pedestrian thoroughfare and shopping district that is one of the liveliest parts of the city. Over time Guayaquil tourism has been developing, but has remained authentic. Expect the cuisine, language, and people to be local.

A tropical climate makes Guayaquil Ecuador a warm place to visit all year long, and there are plenty of hotels in Guayaquil to choose among. Although rainfall is heavy from January through April here, temperatures vary slightly throughout the year. Expect the temperature to range from 85 to 90 degrees no matter what time of year you visit. This is because of how close the city is located to the equator. As the country’s main port, visitors can expect to eat lots of seafood and ceviche while visiting Guayaquil. Restaurants and bars, especially along the river, are alive with the developing Guayaquil tourism.

Beyond restaurants and bars, shopping, and being a gateway to the Galapagos Islands, there are also Guayaquil Ecuador attractions that are worth a visit. A Roman Catholic Cathedral and churches are spread throughout the city, to accommodate 80 percent of the population that practices Catholicism. Sports are also an important part of life here. There are two local soccer teams, and attending a game will teach you a lot about local customs. The first weekend in October is home to an annual Marathon in Guayaquil as well. During your visit, make sure to take a stroll along Malecon 2000 (a boardwalk along the river), Bahia (a popular marketplace), Mercado Artesenal (an artisan market full of crafts and jewelry) and Las Penas (an artistic neighborhood full of galleries). Once you step foot in Guayaquil, you will discover that there is much more to see in this city than you had originally thought.

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