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Guayaquil hotels are available to match a variety of budgets and types of travelers. As the largest city and business center of the country, Guayaquil offers accommodation for everyone from the luxury business traveler to the backpacker on a budget. Depending on what you want to spend, the best Guayaquil hotel will vary, but learning about what you can get for your money might help you to decide. In Guayaquil, just like in Quito or Cuenca, you can find a cheap hotel that for about $25 a night will provide all the basics you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking for luxury, it is possible to shell out $300 or $400 a night. Where to stay in Guayaquil will depend on the type of Ecuador vacation you’re seeking.

Guayaquil hotels can be organized into several categories. Luxury hotels will cost more than $100 a night, tourist hotels will cost $50 - $75 a night, mid-range hotels cost $30 - $50 a night, and budget hotels are typically $25 or less. If you’re wondering where to stay in Guayaquil for the cheapest, hostels are the answer. These budget options typically cost about $15 a night, and provide the most basic accommodation in the city. If you have a little extra room in your budget, a few extra dollars will go a long way in securing better accommodation in Guayaquil. Good hostels here include the Hostel Nucapacha, the Tangara Guesthouse, and the Hostal Suites Madrid, all three of which also boast great central locations.

In any price range, there are a few contenders for best Guayaquil Ecuador hotel. Luxury options include the Hotel Continental, the Hilton Colon, the Grand Hotel Guayaquil, and Oro Verde Guayaquil. At the top of this list is Oro Verde Guayaquil, a member of Leading Hotels of the World. Luxurious rooms cost more $350 a night and include cable TV, a minibar, and other modern amenities, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and business services. Sometimes luxury can equal a sacrifice in culture however, and there are many comfortable tourist hotels that might be less luxurious, but will offer a more authentic, personal experience.

Tourist Guayaquil hotels include Hotel Castell, Hotel Las Penas, and Hotel Marcelius. These hotels are known for their service, and breakfast is typically included in the $50 to $75 a night. International travelers think that these might be the best Guayaquil Ecuador hotel options because they often have some English-speaking staff who can help to plan a day of exploring or suggest restaurants. If you choose cheap hotels or hostels, you may find less of this kind of individual service. Many frequent visitors to Guayaquil often choose cheap hotels over these tourist hotels to save even more money.

Mid-range hotels offer a good compromise on price, quality, and comfort. For $30 - $50 a night, visitors will have breakfast included in their stay and are guaranteed good rooms along with basic services and amenities. Hotels in this category include Hotel Alexander and Hotel La Torre. If you’re wondering where to stay in Guayaquil on the cheap, budget hotels include Hotel California and Hotel Indira, though breakfast isn’t always included for the cost of $25 or less for the night, so it’s best to check ahead if this is an important amenity for you. Guayaquil is quickly becoming a popular place for travelers on a tour of Ecuador, but don’t forget to step off the beaten path to explore places such as Loja or the Amazon rainforest to complete your Ecuador experience.

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