Health and Safety in Ecuador

Ecuador adventure holidays are a popular way to tour the country, and travelers planning these types of vacations are usually dreaming of getting off the beaten path and discovering an authentic side of the country. While this is definitely possible with some planning and research, you should also take into consideration tourist safety in Ecuador.

Generally, this is a safe country to travel in, but as always when traveling internationally it is essential to be aware of a few facts. Ecuador is a country that is home to many political demonstrations. This could equal the blocking of city streets with protestors and although many demonstrations are peaceful, they can sometimes turn violent. Ecuador travel warnings will be put in place if there is any major political demonstration between when you book your trip and depart, but international visitors should play it safe and stay far away from any of these types of demonstrations.

Another element of tourist safety in Ecuador has to do with crime. Along the northern border of the country where Ecuador meets Colombia, there has been trouble with organized crime and drug trafficking. If you plan on exploring this part of the country, including a trip to the beaches of Esmeraldas, you are advised to keep extra watch on your surroundings. Always know where you are going, especially after nightfall. Before departure, check for Ecuador travel warnings to see if there has been any recent activity of organized crime or drug trafficking.

The last warning for visiting Ecuador has to do with nature. While Ecuador adventure holidays can be full of thrills, sometimes this can take a turn for the worse. Strong currents and undertow are a serious risk when swimming or boating along the coast of Ecuador, so be sure to read signs and watch out for the presence of lifeguards along the beach. By taking a few precautions and being aware of your surroundings, you can have a safe and fun trip to Ecuador.

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