History of Ecuador

The history of Ecuador stretches back for thousands of years. Over this lengthy period of time, a number of cultural influences left their mark on what has become the Republic of Ecuador. During your trip, as you visit various landmarks, churches, museums and more, you are bound to discover interesting facts about Ecuador. From the influence of the Spanish to Ecuador’s recent political struggles, a trip to this South American country is bound to be educational. Beyond cultural influences and wars, there is a great deal of history to learn about the nature in Ecuador as well. From the Amazon to extensive Galapagos Islands history, you will learn fascinating new facts about nature.

No matter what period of the history of Ecuador you are interested in, you will discover sites and attractions to visit during your trip. History buffs who are interested in ancient civilizations will discover a great deal about the tribes that lives on this land during the pre-Inca period, followed by the invasion of the Incas. Before the colonists even arrived, there is a great deal of history that still influences the culture in Ecuador today. These facts about Ecuador will be some of the most interesting visitors encounter, as you will see the presence of ancient civilizations during your trip.

The history of Ecuador took a dramatic turn with the arrival of the Spanish in 1531. For years Ecuador was an important element of Spain’s colonies, providing some of the best ports in South America. Similar to most stories of colonization, it took a significant amount of time for the people to fight for their independence. This period of struggle for independence is full of interesting facts about Ecuador. In the early nineteenth century, the story of Ecuador fighting against colonial rule began. Rebellions and street fighting began as early as 1810 and continued through 1829.

The following years were unsettled, and in 1860, the father of Ecuadorian conservatism came to power. Gabriel Garcia Moreno is a controversial figure in the country, as you are sure to discover during your trip. Liberal historians call him a tyrant and a dictator, while conservatives praise him as a nation-builder. While this is up for debate, the fact that he influenced a trend of conservatism in the country is not. Moreno was attacked on the steps of the presidential palace and killed with a machete, and as his assassins were from the Liberals, the backlash against their policies following his death was considerable. The era of conservatism lasted until the beginning of the twentieth century when a more liberal era took over that took Ecuador right up to World War II. Since the 1940s, continued political unrest and coup d’etat have kept Ecuador in the news.

While there is plenty of history, ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, to learn about Ecuador—it is impossible to ignore the history of nature in this country as well. Galapagos Islands history is the minds of many scientists who have studied Charles Darwin. These volcanic islands are a province of Ecuador located approximately a three-hour flight from Quito. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island is best known for its great variety of wildlife. Galapagos Islands history and wildlife are intertwined as great scientists such as Darwin who came to study unique animals. The observations he drew on the Galapagos became an integral part of his argument about evolution and natural selection, a topic that still sparks heated dialogue today. By planning a trip to the island, you can draw your own conclusions. Whether you’re interested in how these islands and wildlife influenced science or you want to discover details about Ecuador’s political history, you are sure to learn a great deal during your trip.

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