Ingapirca Canari Walls

The Ingapirca Canari Walls are a great attraction for anyone interested in the history of Ecuador and of the Inca empire. Travelers who have done a little research about Ingapirca might know that it is the largest site of Inca ruins in the country, but what you might not know are some details about the architecture and what these accomplishments suggest about the knowledge of the people that built this site. During a visit you are sure to learn many details about these Inca ruins Ecuador, including information about the Temple of the Sun and the annual festival, Inti Raymi, which took place there.

One fascinating historical fact you will discover is about the walls themselves. Part of the Temple of the Sun was built on top of walls built by the Canari tribe. This fact shows that to the local people, this was a very important place and was probably used for ceremonies. This fact means that not only does Ingapirca date back to the fifteenth century, but the culture’s history actually stretches much further back.

The Ingapirca Canari Walls are evidence of a different period in the history of this area of Ecuador. The Canari tribe was taken over by the Incas, who destroyed a great deal of their buildings and in this case, built right over them using the same foundation. This cycle repeated itself when the Spanish arrived, and this is the reason why these Inca ruins Ecuador are so unique—they survived a period of history where a great deal of the Inca buildings were purposely destroyed.

Scientists have learned about the Incas from this site, specifically about their knowledge of the solstices and spiritual practices. For a tour of the ruins and to learn more about both the Canari Tribe and the Incas, take a day trip up from the city of Cuenca and spend the day exploring.

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