Mindo Ecuador

Mindo Ecuador is a fine destination for nature enthusiasts who want to get away from the cities, as the town is known as an important center of Ecuador ecotourism. Located only two hours from the capital city of Quito, Mindo is known not only as a pleasant town, but also as a great starting point for exploring the cloud forest. Cloud forests are found in subtropical areas where at the canopy level there is usually low-level cloud cover. This results in a fantastic environment for wildlife, and in the Mindo Cloud Forest, wildlife is thriving. Nature-lovers will be thrilled by the butterflies, birds, reptiles, and other wildlife in this area of Ecuador.

Mindo Ecuador is one of the most visited cloud forests in the country. This can be partly explained by the fact that it is within an easy day trip distance from Quito, but that would be ignoring the quality of the cloud forest itself. The Mindo Cloud Forest extends for more than 35,000 acres and is home to upwards of 400 species of birds. This protected natural reserve is home not only to fantastic wildlife, but the scenery itself is also striking. Lush landscapes make for fantastic hikes, walking tours, and excursions into the cloud forest. The word is spreading about Ecuador ecotourism, and every year more tourists discover the pleasures of this area in Ecuador.

While the Mindo Cloud Forest is a great place for a day trip, you can also extend your stay and discover what the town itself has to offer. While it may be tempting to simply spend a day here during an exploration of Quito, once you arrive you will discover that there might be too much to see during a single day. Accommodation here is affordable, and a variety of attractions beyond the cloud forest will keep your family or fellow travelers entertained. Butterfly gardens, cascading waterfalls, orchid tours, and a beautiful cable car ride are all activities to enjoy when you visit Mindo Ecuador.

Ecuador ecotourism will expose you to things that seem almost too beautiful to be on Earth. Many visitors can’t get over the delicate hummingbirds, with their fast flapping wings and tiny size. Butterflies here will come in all shapes and sizes, from electric blue to neon yellow to jet black. Don’t forget your camera as your trip to the Mindo Cloud Forest will be full of countless opportunities for photographs. In fact, many serious photographers plan lengthy trips to this area of Ecuador to capture all of the rare flora and fauna on film. Hiring a tour guide who is knowledgeable about the subject will help to illuminate even further exactly what you are seeing.

Many eco-conscious travelers have a difficult time choosing accommodation. In this area of Ecuador, you won’t face that challenge. Eco-lodges have sprung up that allow travelers to be in close proximity to the cloud forest but were also built with ecological sensitivity in mind. These lodges and hotels will be excellent resources for matching you up with local tour guides, itineraries, and attractions in the area. Don’t spend all your time in Ecuador in one place, however; there is plenty of history, culture, and different landscapes to discover all over the country from Quito to Loja to the Avenue of Volcanoes.

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Mindo Ecuador


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