Montanita Ecuador

Montanita Ecuador is one of the great beaches in the country. An adventurous trip through Ecuador will include a delicate balance of mountain climbing, exploring the rainforest, and indulging in all the activities that the various beaches have to offer. Montanita was once a small coastal town that only surfers knew about has developed into a great place to indulge in local beach life. The word spread slowly about Montanita Beach Ecuador, whose name means “little mountain” in Spanish.

Within the last decades, this would have been a sleepy town full of fishermen and a few surfers, but now it has become a destination full of international tourists. The tropical climate, great surfing, and developing nightlife have made the word spread even farther and wider about this great beach in Ecuador with a memorable name: Montanita.

Individual beaches in Ecuador have their own benefits. Salinas is a great example of a typical beach resort, while Crucita offers more of a small fishing village atmosphere. Montanita Ecuador is known most for its surfing. This town hosts an international surfing competition and has attracted some of the top surfers from around the globe. If you aren’t into surfing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other water sports to enjoy including scuba diving, body-boarding, and water skiing. The stretches of golden sand are perfect for sunbathing as well, if you would rather watch the activity than participate in it.

Accommodation includes cheap hotels and hostels, meaning that many surfers can afford to come here and stay awhile. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy al fresco dining by the beach, live music, nightlife, tropical drinks, and more than Montanita Beach Ecuador should be at the top of your list.

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