Casa Mojanda Otavalo

The Casa Mojanda Otavalo lives up to its reputation as a great eco hotel. To many travelers, an eco lodge is only as good as its rooms. While many travelers do want to experience mountain top locations, eat farm fresh produce, and enjoy adventurous excursions, at the end of the day, they are on vacation and also want a good night’s sleep. The Casa Mojanda has blended these experiences perfectly, and while this eco lodge offers all of the aforementioned, it also offers a relaxing, private space to catch some shut eye.

The cottages that make up the lodge were built with traditional methods of construction. For visitors, this means that Casa Mojanda rooms are designed to be cool during the day, and retain sunlight to keep rooms warm in the evening. Red clay roofs and red clay floors complete the lodge atmosphere. Green travelers are sure to appreciate the furnishings, all of which were crafted by local artisans.

Casa Mojanda Otavalo is an ideal place to relax. Spend a few hours in the hammock watching the clouds go by or soothe your sore muscles in the hot tub. Antique furnishings and hand-carved Ecuadorian masks bring even more authenticity to the design. There are Casa Mojanda rooms for families or couples; all are welcome at this eco lodge. Breakfast and a three-course dinner with produce from the organic gardens are included in the rate of your room.

If you’re interested in a sit down lunch or a picnic lunch, this costs an additional fee. Private rooms, some of which have fireplaces, will offer all the serenity of this mountain location, and you are sure to wake up in the morning only to the sound of chirping birds. Views from your room will extend out to the mountains and farms around Otavalo, which you are welcome to explore on foot or horseback.

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