Quito Gringo Area

The Quito Gringo Area has many affordable hotels, restaurants, and nightlife spots condensed in one area of the New Town. Like any other major city, the capital of Ecuador has a particular section that is popular among tourists, ex-pats, and backpackers, and the Gringo Area serves its purpose well. Quito is generally divided into two areas: the Old Town where all the cobbled streets and historic buildings are located, and the more modern New Town.

In the Gringo Area, prices are cheaper for accommodation, though tourists should beware of what are locally called “gringo prices.” Beware of restaurants, souvenirs, and any other items that don’t have a price tag. This can be because shopkeepers will give you a higher tourist price, instead of charging you what a local person would pay. It is a good idea to keep your eye on people around you and how much they are paying for certain items. The same is true with Quito nightlife; many bars will try and charge tourists more money.

The Quito Gringo Area is also known for being a trendy part of the city. With a lively atmosphere, there are many bars and clubs where locals and tourists mingle. One dance club called Bungalow 6 is an especially popular place for tourists who are interested in going to a club where the locals go.

There are a few precautions that can help you to enjoy Quito nightlife safely. First of all, beware of taxi drivers who will try and charge you a higher price. Always agree on a price before the taxi journey begins. Also, wearing clothes that blend in will help you get normal prices instead of gringo prices. In general, Ecuadorians are conservatively dressed, and travelers have a reputation for a disheveled appearance. By trying to blend in and being respectful of the local culture, you can enjoy Quito nightlife without any problems.

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