Quito Hotels

Quito hotels are not only numerous, but they also offer a rich variety of styles and price ranges to choose among, as you would expect from the capital city of Ecuador. Depending on your budget, and where in the city you would like to stay, the following are some Quito Ecuador hotels to consider:

Central Business District
Located not too far from the Central Business District is probably Ecuador's most famous 5-star hotel, the JW Marriott. Although the JW Marriott offers you easy access to the CBD, and is also conveniently located for Quito's Historical Center, it is also decorated in the modern architectural style of this district. Located in the CBD along with the JW Marriott, and in much the same design, is the Radisson Royal Quito Hotel, which you'll find at Quito's World Trade Center. Inside the Radisson you'll also find the Cafe Royal.

Central Quito
If you're looking to stay in central hotels in Quito, but would also like to experience a little more seclusion and feel totally tranquil in their hotel gardens, then look no further than the Hotel Quito. Another, superb, choice in the center of Quito is the Hotel Sierra Madre, a superb 5 room house that has been converted into a hotel. Another of Quito's old colonial homes located in the center of downtown Quito, offering an oasis of peace from busy city life, is the Hostal Santa Barbara. Although inexpensive, the Hostal has a magnificent big garden that provides a peaceful place to go and relax from the stresses of a day's hard-work. The hostel's close proximity to some of the city's finest restaurants, cafes and bars all mean that it won't take you long to be back in thick of the action if you decide to stay here.

Quito Airport Hotels
Essentially Quito has two famous airport hotels, the Swissotel, located some 15 minutes from Mariscal Sucre International Airport, and the Four Points Hotel - a hotel managed by the Sheraton Group. Both of these hotels are also well located for a last minute visit to Quito's shopping district.

Budget Hotels, Quito
Quito hotels include several 3 and 4-star places, but for those of you looking for Quito, Ecuador hotels in a flavor similar to those that you may have experienced else where in the country, then staying at a Quito hotel such as the Cafe Culture, in the inner city, is sure to provide you with just the Ecuadorian budget hotel experience you're looking for! Alternatively, why not stay at the Real Audiencia, located 2800 meters above sea level in old colonial Quito: this hotel reflects all that you'll experience during your stay in Ecuador: splendor, charm, elegance, grace and rich variety!

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