Ecuador Rafting

Ecuador rafting is the perfect activity to complete at outdoor adventure vacation in this part of South America. While many travelers would first associate climbing and hiking in the mountains or through the rainforest first with Ecuador, there are also many opportunities to break out the kayak and start paddling. If you’re looking for thrills, white water rafting in Ecuador is sure to get the blood pumping. Travelers looking for a little more relaxation can enjoy Ecuador kayaking along the coastline. However you get out on the water during your trip, it will be a memorable part of an adventurous trip.

The Andes Mountains are the source of what makes Ecuador rafting so fantastic. The variety of rivers that run off the Andes, carving their way through valleys and gorges, makes for not only a fun white water rafting in Ecuador experience, but also for a scenic ride. Many people love rafting in this country because of the tropical temperatures—the rivers are never too cold. For anyone who has ever fallen into a freezing cold river while rafting, this is an important fact to know. The white water in this country is known around the globe, so be prepared for a wild ride.

There are many types of tours for Ecuador rafting. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, experienced guides can choose a less intense route for your first white water excursion. On the other hand, if you’re a rafting enthusiast looking for the next challenge, Ecuador will have what you’re looking for. The jungle rivers of the Eastern Andes are some of the biggest in the country and offer great rafting all year long. Many trips begin in the jungle town of Tena, located about four and a half hours’ journey from Quito. Rapids from Class III through Class V will be encountered during these types of tours.

The truly adventurous will want to take things up another notch. White water rafting in Ecuador can be combined with jungle excursions that last from one to five days. During this type of trip, you will combine rafting with other outdoor adventure activities and camping. This unique type of tour will not only provide the chance to go rafting, but will also expose you to the local indigenous people. This tour becomes more than an adventure tour; it is also a cultural one. Sailing through the Amazon jungle is an experience that you definitely won’t forget.

If you’re looking for an option that is closer to Quito, check out rafting in the Western Andes. The Rio Toachi and the Rio Bianco offer fun Class III rapids. These rivers are the most rafted in the country, probably because of their closer proximity to the capital city. If your interest is in Ecuador kayaking, this can be done on the river or along the coastline. Tour guides aren’t necessary although can be arranged. If you’re planning on tackling any white water during Ecuador kayaking, it would be smart to hire a guide. The jungle scenery and adrenaline rush from kayaking or rafting will form the memories of a story you will tell for years to come.

Image: barefoot expeditions (flickr)
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