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Riobamba hotels come in a wide range of types, which helps draw travelesr interested in colonial charm, opportunities for excursions, and proximity to the famous Devil’s Nose train ride to this city in Ecuador. Across the country, from Quito to Guayaquil to Loja, there are a range of hotel options for travelers in all price brackets, and Riobamba is no different. Here you can find modern hotels right near budget hotels and guesthouses. The wide range of Riobamba accommodation leaves the decision up to you about how much you want to spend. Just keep in mind that the local attractions are so fantastic, you might not be spending much time in your room at all.

There are Riobamba hotels to suit every budget. If you’re planning a backpacking tour of Ecuador and beyond and need to stretch your dollar, there are hostels available that will offer the lowest possible price for a night’s sleep that isn’t camping. Travelers that have a little extra room in their budget will want to check out cheap hotels. These offer private rooms and sometimes include breakfast in the nightly price. Examples of these types of Riobamba accommodation include Hostel Los Alamos and Hostel Los Shyris. Some hostels also offer private rooms, as opposed to dorms. These might be slightly more expensive than dorms, but still more affordable than cheap hotels. It’s best to check with international hostel associations, guidebooks, or travel forums, as many hostels do not have web sites or online booking available.

Newer Riobamba Ecuador hotels are also available that offer cable TV, telephones, parking, and other amenities. While some travelers prefer having these amenities, others don’t see why they should pay more to have them, when they intend on spending most of the time strolling the cobbled streets and exploring the bustling Saturday market. However, if budget isn’t a worry, then these hotels might be a good choice. Options include Hotel el Molino, in the center of downtown, and Hotel Zeus.

The Hotel el Molino has 40 double suites available, as well as a restaurant, café and bar, reception hall, internet access, and transportation services, which are available 24 hours a day. The rooms include private bathrooms. The Hotel Zeus has 65 rooms, including Standard, Deluxe, and Presidential Suites, and the hotel also boasts a great central location. All rooms include cable TV, the luxury rooms also include panoramic views, and the suites boast whirlpools, minibars, microwaves, and a security box.

Riobamba hotels will be a perfect base for exploring the region. Whether you want to spend the day mountain biking or gazing up at the mountains from the seat of the Devil’s Nose train ride, you will make the most of your excursion by choosing local accommodation. Riobamba Ecuador hotels are most popular as a gateway for taking the Devil’s Nose train ride. In the city itself, the pastel-colored buildings and local cathedral have charmed many visitors who only thought they would stay for a day or two. It isn’t a crime to go ahead and spend a few more days in Riobamba, especially with the affordable price tag for local hotels.

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