Riobamba Train

The Riobamba train, also known as the Devil's Nose Train, is one of the biggest attractions of this city in the Andes. The picturesque town of Riobamba is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and known for its great food stalls, and the Devil’s Nose Train begins its thrilling journey from here.

Three times per week, visitors looking for a thrill (and some locals too) climb aboard the roof of old boxcars for a rumbling journey down steep hills and along a rickety old track. This is the most famous of all Ecuador trains, and adrenaline-lovers come from far and wide to climb aboard the famous Devil’s Nose train. Called Nariz del Diablo in Spanish, these tracks are more than 100 years old and at first were considered a serious accomplishment of engineering. Now, the train is used more for entertainment than for practical purposes.

This isn’t the only Riobamba train in service. If you’re looking for a method of transportation and not a roller coaster ride, there is also a train that connects Quito to Riobamba. This line has experienced interrupted service however, and buses will replace the train if this is the case during your trip. Ecuador trains are affordable, but the Devil’s Nose train has a slightly higher price tag. Tickets cost $11 for each international person, and pillows are available for an additional $1. Sitting or squatting on top of the boxcar will be made much more comfortable with a pillow, so many travelers were glad to invest in a pillow.

Bring your camera, as the views are spectacular, and be sure to take lots of layers of clothing; due to the altitude changes during the ride, the temperature can change quite a bit over the course of the ride. Besides the thrills, the Devil’s Nose Train ride also offers a spectacular journey into the countryside of Ecuador.

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