Salinas Ecuador

Salinas Ecuador is the best-known beach resort in the country, and it attracts a variety of local and international visitors. Located about 93 miles from Guayaquil, it is possible to combine a trip to the beach with exploring other attractions in Ecuador. While some of the beaches along Ecuador’s coast are known for their unspoiled beaches and the charm of fishing villages, Salinas Beach Ecuador offers the best of modern amenities.

International visitors who are used to a certain comfort of a resort town will find everything they would expect in Salinas. For a more fishing village atmosphere, Canoa would be the beach to choose, but if a modern resort is what you crave, look no further than Salinas. This is the westernmost city on Ecuador’s mainland, and it has access to many great beaches in the area, as well as restaurants, cafes, a boardwalk, and crafts markets.

With a location along the equator, Ecuador offers very consistent temperatures all year long. Salinas Ecuador has an average daily temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a perfect spot to hit the beach all year long. Many travelers choose this beach for its activities, including sport fishing (there is an international deep sea fishing competition here every year), jet skiing, water skiing, and yachting. There is also a Naval Archaeological Museum that is worth a visit.

In addition, if you love to end your days of sunbathing or water sports with a great meal, you will be in for a treat in Salinas Beach Ecuador. There is a great diversity of restaurants here, making it possible to spend more than a few days without getting bored of the food and local scene. More plans for development of Salinas are in the works, including the possibility of water park. If you’re looking for unspoiled Ecuador, look elsewhere, but for the amenities of a resort and a well-developed tourism industry, Salinas is the best spot along this coastline.

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