Sigsig Ecuador

Sigsig Ecuador is an agricultural center in the Andes, and it’s a popular destination among travelers who choose the city of Cuenca as a home base because of its many nearby attractions. In this remote village, local artisans specialize in the weaving of Panama Hats and tapestries as well, but beyond these, it’s also known for its close to historical caves.

The Chobshi Cave contains monuments and archaeological traces from the Incas. From Cuenca, travelers can join a tour that combines both Sigsig and the caves. This makes transportation simple and also provides a knowledgeable tour guides who will share their expertise about local traditions, customs, and history.

The small agricultural town of Sigsig Ecuador is located about 90 minutes’ journey from the city of Cuenca. The village sits in a valley, surrounded by steep mountains, and provides incredible views. Besides being able to purchase many different kinds and colors of Panama hats, you will also be able to watch their production. Many visitors love watching the artisans at work in such a beautiful setting.

While most tourists plan a day trip to Sigsig, it is also possible to stay overnight in one of the small hotels. There are also a few restaurants in the town, but not much entertainment for young people or backpackers. Affordable bus service will connect you from Cuenca to Sigsig and also on to the local caves. While it isn’t necessary to join a tour, many travelers find having a guide to be helpful. The chance to leave the city and take a stroll through a remote agricultural village is one that shouldn’t be missed during a trip to Ecuador.

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