Ecuador Itineraries

Ecuador itineraries can be longer than you might think. Although it is small in size compared to many other South American countries, the country has a more diverse landscape then many countries twice its size. From the Galapagos Islands to the Andes mountain range, Ecuador has some incredible sites, and Ecuador itineraries can take many shapes.

Suggested itineraries for Quito:

1-3 Days

With just a few days to spend with your suggested itineraries for Quito, you will want to be sure and head downtown. The historical district of Quito has been remarkably well-preserved, and a walking tour of the city reveals a Quito that structurally has not changed much since it was first founded in 1534. You can also spend time shopping the markets of Quito. Farmers from the mountain regions trek down to Quito to sell their handmade and hand grown wares, and tourists will have a chance to purchase unique goods.

4-7 Days

Suggested itineraries for Quito for the traveler with multiple days can include a bit more adventure. You will still want to spend some time exploring the downtown area, but you will also have time for some outdoor activity. Although you won't be able to do much in the city itself, some great spots for mountain biking, hiking and other day trips are literally just a few hours away. Your Quito hotel will make an excellent base camp for multiple days spent exploring the surrounding mountains and countryside.

7+ Days

Ecuador itineraries in Quito for travelers with a week or more should certainly include some trips to surrounding cities and destinations. The Amazon Basin can be found in Ecuador, and the cities of Otavalo and Cuenca are also well worth a visit. Another amazing site is Ecuador's tallest active volcano, Cotopaxi Mountain. While not everyone will attempt the seven hour climb to the summit, some good hikes of shorter distance are also accessible.

Suggested itineraries for Galapagos:

Suggested itineraries for Galapagos generally come in one flavor. In order to tour the islands, you will need to book passage on a ship of some sort. Most Galapagos cruises will spend about 7-10 days touring the islands and stopping along the way. Suggested itineraries for the Galapagos are simply to go and see them. Whether you book a Galapagos luxury cruise or charter a smaller boat and captain, a trip to the Galapagos is a once in a lifetime experience.

While Ecuador itineraries can include views of colonial cities, towering volcanoes, or some of the most gorgeous islands in the world, what you do with your Ecuador trip is up to you. So much is packed into such a small space, that you will have a hard time not seeing an incredible range of scenery.

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