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Falkland Islands hotels are scattered around the archipelago, allowing visitors to stay where they please and take part in the variety of activities that are offered here. Your Falkland Islands accommodation options differ depending on what you plan to do during your trip. For instance, the capital city of Stanley and the other major town of Port Howard provide travelers with the largest selection of lodging, ranging from home stays to hotels. The more remote areas of the islands, such as North Arm and Sanders Island, provide travelers with lodges, hostels, and self-catering accommodation. No matter which hotel in the Falklands you choose, you will be welcomed by the hospitality and charm of the islands' residents.

Stanley is home to the largest variety of Falkland Islands hotels. The majority of the accommodation here is located near the city center and within walking distance of numerous shops and amenities. The Malvina House Hotel and the Bennett House are two great options for those looking to stay in the heart of Stanley. Both of these hotels offer breakfast options and comfortable rooms, and both are also moderately priced and in an ideal location to begin sightseeing trips. The Waterfront Hotel and Millers are also two excellent accommodation options in Stanley if your budget allows for a pricier room and you prefer a more luxurious feel to your hotel. If you're looking for something on the outskirts of the main city, Lafone House and Lookout Lodge may pique your interest. Lafone House is a luxury facility with an array of amenities and breathtaking panoramic views of Stanley Harbour, while Lookout Lodge is a basic, budget-friendly option that provides for both short-term and long-term stays.

The area of East Falkland, where Stanley is located, also provides great Falkland Islands accommodation outside the capital. The Darwin Lodge, located in the settlement of Darwin, is a comfortable option that is ideal for the walker or golfer. There is a 9-hole golf course situated next to the lodge, and it is located in the historic hills where memorials from the 1982 Falklands War can be found. Among the more affordable choices, Walker Creek is a self-catering option that is ideally situated away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular towns in the quaint area of Lafonia. Walker Creek is an hour away from the New Haven ferry terminal, Darwin, and Goose Green, and it makes for easy exploring of the pleasant countryside. The North Arm Outside Houses are also a great option for those who are looking for some peace and quiet in their Falkland Islands accommodation. They are located away from major roads and are furnished with a peat stove and diesel generator; these houses are self-catering and give visitors a taste of the old style of life on the Falklands.

West Falkland, the other major island in the archipelago, also has various Falkland Islands hotels that visitors are sure to be pleased with. Port Howard and the surrounding areas attract tourists due to the local hospitality, rolling hills, and proximity to the coast. The Port Howard Farm Cottages give visitors comfortable rooms with stunning views of the coast, while the Port Howard Lodge (pictured) offers large rooms as well as organized fishing and game tours. For those who prefer a more secluded hotel in the Falklands, Crooked Inlet at Roy Cove is an excellent option. This homey house overlooks the inlet where whales are often spotted, and it is a great starting point for exploring the peaceful hills and mountains that surround the area.

If you are looking for a more remote and peaceful hotel in the Falklands, then you should travel to one of the outer islands around East and West Falkland. The Saunders Island Settlement Houses are perfect accommodation if you wish to be steeped in history. The area is home to the ruins of the first British settlement, which dates to 1765. The two fully equipped houses can comfortably accommodate six to ten people, and the Settlement Houses can also organize fishing and wildlife excursions. Weddell Island also provides exceptional cottage accommodation. About an hour flight from Stanley, these Mountain View Cottages are situated in Gull Harbour and provide guests with views of the harbor and the mountains. The area is also home to excellent hiking and camping options.

Although the Falkland Islands are spread out and require a little more transportation to travel than other tourist destinations, the destination is well worth the extra effort, and travelers should have little trouble finding a hotel in the Falklands to suit them. Whether they're looking for urban accommodations or remote country cottages, visitors will find that Stanley and other destinations around the archipelago promise plenty of options and an unforgettable chance to explore this peaceful and unspoiled destination.



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