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Paraguay accommodation is dominated by affordable options. This fact makes it strange that backpackers have yet to entirely discover Paraguay, as in nearby countries, affordable accommodation and exotic landscapes has drawn travelers en masse. Despite the lack of a significant tourist influx, cheap hotels in Paraguay are still easy to come by. It isn’t necessary to reserve Paraguay hotels in advance, unless you are visiting during holidays or festivals. Still, doing some research beforehand about recommended hotels might be a good idea in order to avoid some bad seeds. If you don’t have the time to research before you depart, it is easy to arrive to Paraguay and find accommodation on the same day.

If you’re looking to splurge on your lodging in Paraguay, there are limited options. One five-star option in the capital city of Asuncion, The Excelsior Hotel, is known for world-class service, but this large hotel may lack some of the charm and atmosphere that travelers are sure to find in smaller Paraguay hotels. Prices across the board in Paraguay are affordable compared to other South American countries, and even the limited luxury options are reasonable compared to other destinations throughout the world.

Cheap hotels in Paraguay offer an insider’s perspective on the different cities. Helpful staff who are willing to show visitors the best restaurants, bars, and nightlife have been praised for their hospitality. These hotels are so affordable that Paraguay accommodation doesn’t really extend to self-catering options, as the culture of long-term rentals that has developed in other countries hasn’t taken flight here. Possibly as a result of affordable and varied cuisine, there isn’t as great of a demand for Paraguay accommodation with self-catering options.

Most Paraguay hotels are simple and modest, and amenities that you may be used to on other travels might not apply to these options. TVs and internet aren’t considered basic amenities in Paraguay, though the presence of wireless internet is increasing. Shared bathrooms are common, but private bathrooms can be requested for an extra fee. When paying for your hotel, you will receive the best exchange rate by paying with credit card. Often paying with cash, bills can be rounded up, or hotels will be short on change for large bills. The same advice goes for restaurants: If you can pay for your bill with a card, it is best to do so.

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Paraguay, you won’t be disappointed. From the capital city of Asuncion to the festive streets of Encarnacion, affordable options are plentiful. While it is possible to book ahead on the internet, travelers may find that the pace of Paraguay convinces them to stray from their itinerary. The cuisine, atmosphere, and music may have travelers spending more time in Paraguay than they originally planned, and travelers who take the opportunity to explore this destination find an intriguing country that is as yet undiscovered by the masses of tourists.


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