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Peru is surely an astonishing country when it comes to the different landscapes that you will find within its borders. Visitors who don’t have much time to travel in Peru might find themselves struggling with the decision of where to go and what to do. Generally, the decision comes down to whether or not you want to relax at one of Peru’s beaches, explore its famed ruins, trek its majestic peaks, or explore its astonishing Amazon Jungle. If you love animals, crave the great outdoors, or want an environment that is sure to impress you, heading to the Amazon in Peru will certainly not let you down should you decide to go there. Just don’t wander too far off the beaten path. You might not make it home to tell all your Peru travel stories.

lf you are not yet intrigued enough to explore the options for an Amazon Peru vacation, consider these mind-boggling facts. The Amazon Jungle is as big as the Australian continent. It is found in 8 different South American countries, and it has almost one-quarter of all the Earth’s species of plants. There are more than 60,000 different species of tropical plants here, and around 4,000 species of trees. If you were to wander parts of the Amazon Rainforest, it would not be rare for you to come across some 300 separate species of trees in one single acre. Try this in a forest in the United States, and you will be lucky to find more than 15. There are over 14,500 species of animals living within the Amazon Jungle. Pink dolphins and 600 lb. lowland tapirs are just some of the specimens you will come across if you decide to make a trip down to the Amazon in Peru. Unfortunately, the Amazon Jungle continues to disappear at a rate that is, for lack of a better word, frustrating. Though attempts are being made to conserve it, what you might see today could be gone tomorrow. So, book your trip now for the Amazon in Peru and enjoy this amazing part of our planet while you can still enjoy it in all its glory.

Most of the Amazon Jungle is found in Brazil, where the Amazon River runs the bulk of its course. The mighty Amazon River, which gets its origins from a series of major rivers in Peru, is the largest on earth in terms of volume. The volcanic peak of Nevado Mismi, which is among the highest points of Peru’s Colca Canyon, is where the Amazon River’s glacial source is found. Colca Canyon is just 100 miles west of the city of Arequipa, and the region itself is ideal for trekking and mountain climbing. The waters from Nevado Mismi eventually flow with other rivers to form the Rio Apurimac. This river in turn flows into the Ucayali River, and where the Ucayali meets the Marañón River is where the Amazon River officially begins. There are tons of different options for Amazon Peru tours and vacation packages, most of which have you staying at least one night in an Amazon Jungle lodge. From Cusco, those seeking adventure in the Amazon Jungle generally head to Manu National Park. It is here that you will arguably see the most diverse scale of animal and plant species. Good choices for an Amazon Jungle lodge in Manu are the Manu Wildlife Center, and the Manu Lodge. Highlights in Manu include the large parrot and macaw clay-licks.

Further north, the river city of Iquitos is another popular base for Amazon Peru vacations. The city itself is a joy to explore, and river cruises here are among the most popular pursuits. If you are visiting Iquitos, you might look for Amazon Jungle packages that have you staying in the award-winning Yarapa River Lodge. It is often hailed as the best Amazon Jungle lodge in Peru. You might also consider starting your Amazon Jungle adventure in Puerto Maldonado, which is usually reached by airplane from either Lima or Cusco. If you are staying at an Amazon Jungle lodge here, a guide will likely meet you at the airport, and then accompany you by van and boat to the site. Trekking the extensive Amazon trails Peru has to offer is usually part of the package when you enter the jungle. Some tours have you hiking trails with locals, who are a great source for firsthand information on the surrounding flora and fauna. There is, as mentioned, a vast number of tours to Peru’s Amazon Jungle, so you might explore a bunch of options to see which one best suits your wants and needs.

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